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Australia News: Strengthens The Regulation Of Vaping Product

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JSBvape world view report:

Recently, Victoria state was urged to follow the example of other states, implement a license system for vape products and tobacco sales, and give the police greater power to crack down in the black market in the industry.

Andrews is currently carrying out an independent review of illegal tobacco sales from the Optimizing Regulatory Commission. The Herald Sun learned that these documents require enterprises to obtain a license to sell tobacco products. Previously, many students were sent to hospital for smoking illegal electronic cigarettes, which also attracted the attention of the education department.

Theo Foukkare, CEO of the Australian Convenience Store Association, said that the government needed to take action in the face of the increasingly rampant black market. He called on the authorities to implement a licensing system applicable to cigarettes and electronic cigarettes, allowing the police to search illegal operators and impose a huge fine.

Foukkare believes that the current legislation limits the police’s action. “Victoria state and Queensland state are the only two states without any licensing framework. Most people are aware of the existence of the black market, but Australia does not supervise and manage these products.” The Victoria state government is currently assisting in strengthening the law enforcement of illegal vaping sales.

A spokesman said, “We are working hard to solve the problem of illegal tobacco sales and have a careful discussion of the contents of the report.” In addition, according to the Australian media survey, some social media accounts have also been found, including teenagers who openly boast that they “make fast money” by selling illegal vape products to students.

The senior management of Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd. has always attached a great importance to the impact of vaping industry on teenagers and students. Since the the company established, they have always adhered to the concept of no teenagers of touch vape products. Each product designed is to avoid teenagers to be curious on it.Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd. believes that the new formulation of Victoria state is very worthy of implementation.