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February 16, 2023
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What is Coil E-Liquid Separation | Coil On Plug (COP) | Insbar-II Pod Vape System

coil e-liquid separation coil on plug pod

coil e-liquid separation coil on plug pod

Jsbvape world view 16th Feb,2023.

New pod vape system Insbar-II is start mass production today.This is a new technology to solve  common problems such as:e-liquid leaking and taste bad.

In the end of 2022,VPFIT company made a research for pod atomizer product.The engineer analyzed that when the pod containing e-liquid was standing for a long time.Example of several months or almost to a year. Because the pod is not sealed, the e-liquid is constantly come into contact with oil channel cotton. The oil channel cotton and the heating coil are in contact with the air. By the gravity, the e-liquid will constantly penetrate into the oil channel cotton, and under the gravity pressure for a long time. The e-liquid will seep down from the oil channel cotton and finally leak out from the bottom hole of the pod.

In addition, because the e-liquid in oil channel cotton is directly contact with the air. It is inevitable that the e-liquid will merge with the air and cause bad substance or chemical reaction. It is cause to the smoking taste changed.

By so many problems. To build a better pod atomizer is imminent!Insbar-II pod vape system is come out:

The insbar-II pod is a sealed atomizer after e-liquid filled.This can stop leaking.Stop e-liquid contact with air,no bad substance or chemical reaction any more.Keep original flavor taste in guarantee time.

To achieve this function is of because the heating coil is not inside pod atomizer firstly.there is a plug function in the pod atomizer.And the heating coil is actual inside the plug.When you are going to use the pod.You need to press the plug into the pod atomizer.And then keep the pod atomizer standing for about 30 seconds to let e-liquid begin contact oil channel cotton.And the heating coil is touch the oil channel cotton.After the oil channel cotton full permeate by e-liquid.The heating coil can safe work.