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Vaping News-Japan Is Going To Allow Medical Marijuana

JSBvape world view report 3rd Feb news:

By foreign electronic news,According to the bill outline released by Japan last week.Japan is going to allow medical marijuana for treating patients with difficult and complicated diseases.

According to Japan news, the government is considering submit bills during the current session of the National Congress (Japan’s national legislature), includs bills to amend the Cannabis Control Law.

The proposed amendment would also criminalize when use of cannabis without a prescription.

In other countries or regions such as the United States and the United Kingdom, drugs made from cannabis plants are used to treat refractory epilepsy and other diseases that are ineffective with existing drugs. So,many kinds of vape pen and cbd vape products are legal.However, THC and non-toxic CBD are prohibited in Hong Kong, China.

Cannabis plant contains a substance with an intoxicating effect, which is one of the reasons why Japan prohibits the use of cannabis in medicine. The proposed revision will enable such patients to use drugs made from cannabis plants.

With regard to the use of cannabis, there is currently no penalty for the use of cannabis, because farmers who grow cannabis under the permission of the county magistrate may ingest substances from plants during harvest.

JSBvape development and reform consider this is a milestone to Japanese electronic cigarette and vaping market.This will be with different meaning and super positive event for ours market. We will keep notice and follow the new law trend.