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January 5, 2023
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Reasons Why My Vape Taste Burnt – Disposable Vape Pen Common Problem

reasons why my vape taste burnt

Why is the burnt smell of a vape pen?

After more than 10 years of development, people have gradually established a certain understanding of the taste of electronic cigarettes. The problem of burnt taste/peculiar smell is getting more and more attention from customers and consumers. Now,an engineer from Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd. will share with you. The problem of burnt taste/peculiar smell is generally caused by the following reasons:

1. The battery cell and air flow control sensor out put voltage is too high, then the heating wire and e-liquid absorbent cotton are burnt when the e liquid transmission is not smooth.

2. Similarly, the output power voltage of the battery is too high.

3. The vape pen’s standing time of e-liquid be refilled is not enough long, and the e liquid can not be fully transferred to the heating wire and oil absorbent cotton, then the heating wire and oil absorbent cotton are burnt after power turn on.

4. The capacity of the e liquid does not match the capacity of the battery. Means when the e liquid has been exhausted by the end of the use of the vape device, but the battery still has electricity power.

5. The viscosity of e liquid is too high and the flowability is slow, which causes the e-liquid transmission of absorbent cotton to be not smooth.

6. The absorption cotton is too dense or not loose enough, which causes the e-liquid transmission of absorbent cotton to be not smooth.

7. The diameter of the e-liquid inlet hole is too small or the quantity of inlet holes is too small, which causes the e-liquid transmission of absorbent cotton to be not smooth.

8. Too high sugar content/sweetener in the e liquid will cause carbon deposition on the e-liquid absorbent cotton, resulting in taste burnt when smoking.

9. The position of the e liquid inlet was designed too high. When the e liquid capacity in the pod or atomizer is less than 1/3, the absorbent cotton can not absorb the e liquid, and the heating wire and the absorbent cotton will be burnt during the vape device is turn one at working.

10. The design of the interference between the e liquid inlet hole and the absorption cotton is unsuitable, which causes the e liquid transmission of the absorption cotton to be not smooth.

11. The storage method of the e liquid is not appropriate or the e liquid has passed the warranty time, causing taste variation or taste burnt.

12. Two or more kinds of tobacco oils are mixed artificially and carelessly, causing the taste to change.

13. Before fill e liquid, the e liquid was not woken up and shaken well, which cause the e liquid is in different stratification and brings the difference in taste when vaping.

14. The vape pen or vape device is using glue when structural design, and the vaping device will vaporize the glue while working, resulting in a peculiar smell of glue.

15. The surface of insulation ring, silicone sleeve and sealing ring have contaminant, which will cause taste variation after they integrate with e liquid.

16. Ferrochrome aluminum material heating wire has a chemical reaction with e qliuid, which causes rust smell when vaping.

17. Plastic, silicone and fiberglass are near to the heating wire, and the heating wire will scorch them when heating, causing odor.

18. Bad structural design of the vape pen,after condensate liquid into the absorbent cotton.cause odor smell when smoke the vape pen.

19. The air flow is not smooth. Condensate accumulates around the heating wire and explodes e liquid when smoke, causing hot mouth and odor.

20. The density of absorption cotton is too high, which locks some components in the e-liquid and can not to fully release and play out the original formula of the e liquid, resulting in the peculiar smell when smoking.

21. The process layout or operation is improper. Before fill e liquid, PCBA or air flow sensor controller is activated already and has started to work, burning the heating wire and oil absorption cotton.

These are the knowledges summarized on the work experience of engineers and the feedback from consumers, which be shared here. If you have more valuable insights, please let us know. thank you!

why my vape taste burnt

January 6, 2023
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