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January 3, 2023
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How Many Puffs Are In A Disposable Vape?

Many customers are having the question: When a disposable vape pen is in hand, how many puffs can it smoke?Why different disposable vapes are different puffs even they are same e liquid capacity?

With this question in mind, we did have a interview with Jie Li, an design engineer of Shenzhen Jieshibo Technology Co., Ltd.

Jie Li said,

First of all, the number of puffs we usually refer to is calculated according to the capacity of the equipment in our factory.But not really a person smoking puffs number, and everyone’s smoking capacity is certainly different.

Secondly, the internal structure of each disposable vape pen is different from its own material. The main materials that affect the number of puffs are: heating wire resistance, cotton material for e liquid, inductive sensor automatic switch, and e-liquid itself.

Third, the storage time of disposable vape pen may slightly affect the capacity of the e liquid and battery, and also some factors affect the number of smoke puffs of a disposable vape pen.

Generally speaking, the battery capacity of a disposable vape pen is fully enough to support the use of e-liquid to the end. A disposable vape pen with 2ml e liquid as an example, we calculate that it is 600 puffs, so we can acount average that 1ml is 300 puffs.
3ml is 900 puffs. However, with the increase of the volume of e liquid, the number of smoke puffs will get a increase too. For example, 2000 puffs can be counted at 6 ml, 3500 puffs can be counted at 10 ml, and 5000 puffs can be counted at 12 ml.The reason is that while practical research, it is found that when the volume of e-liquid is smaller, the loss is greater.

Combined with the four points just mentioned, we can answer the customer’s questions.

After the introduction of Jie Li, we understand why the number of puffs in different factories is little different. Finally, we suggest that when you buy a disposable vape pen,try to choose products produced by factories with guaranteed quality.


5 Jan,2023.

By VPFIT team,e cigarette industry leader