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Commonly used atomization core
2021 Commonly Used Atomization Core and its Development
September 8, 2021
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How to Choose E-cigarette OEM Manufacturer in China?
October 27, 2021

Difference between cotton coil and ceramic core

cotton & ceramic coil
Exclusive cotton coil design

Exclusive cotton coil design

Cotton Coil

Cotton core compared to other atomized core its biggest advantage lies in the taste!

Restore to the liquid taste better than ceramic core, atomizing quantity also to be more thick, but the power of device is not completely constant, will cause the overall performance of high and low.Often the first performance is extremely good, and the later use experience fallen, midway the atomizing quantity may occur the phenomenon of large and small

Too high power or after a period of use, it is easy to burn the core , and the situation of dry burning of cotton core caused by too high power can not be ignored.

Ceramic Core of Vaporizer

Ceramic Core of Vaporizer

Ceramic cores do not automatically burn because of excessive power.

And the ceramic atomizing core is more delicate than the cotton core, and the smoke is more smooth, but the degree of restoration of flavor is less than the cotton core.

In fact, the main advantage is stable and durable, which is also the reason that many businesses prefer ceramics, ceramics will never be like cotton core generally appear paste core phenomenon, there is almost one and the end of the stability, in the case of constant voltage, the full degree of smoke and taste almost no difference .

Whether cotton core or ceramic core has its own advantages, we can choose according to our needs