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New Zealand Repeal world-first tobacco ban

New Zealand Repeal world-first tobacco ban

On February 27, the New Zealand government announced that it would withdraw the world’s first legislation banning the sale of tobacco to future generations. That is, the “Smoke-Free Generation” Act. Although, researchers and campaigners warn that this would lead to the risk of death.

The world-first tobacco ban goes to end.

The bill, originally scheduled to take effect in July. And it is the world’s strictest anti-tobacco regulation. The bill would ban the sale of tobacco products to people born after Jan. 1, 2009. It includes both traditional cigarettes and vape products.

The aim of that act was to reduce the nicotine content in smoking products. And, reduce the number of tobacco retailers by more than 90 percent.

New Zealand’s new coalition government confirmed it would repeal the bill on an emergency basis on Tuesday. Besides, this without the need for public comment.

Associate Health Minister Casey Costello says the coalition government is committed to reducing the number of smokers. But they will adopt a different regulatory perspective to curb smoking and reduce its harm. 

“I will soon be taking a package of measures to cabinet to increase the tools available to help people quit smoking.”

Costello also says that regulations on vapes will also be stricter. So as to prevent young people from smoking.

The latest New Zealand Health Survey shows that the smoking rate is going down. The rate of daily smoking was 6.8% in 2022/23, down from 8.6% the previous year and 16.4% in 2011/12. (Source: New Zealand’s smoking rates continue to decline)

Some people criticize the decision.

The decision has been heavily criticized. And it could have a significant impact on health outcomes in New Zealand.

Besides, there are concerns it could have a greater impact on Maori and Pasifika, the people who smoke more often.

University of Otago researcher Janet Hoek express dissatisfaction to the decision. He said the repeal decision ignored solid research evidence, ignored measures enthusiastically supported by Maori leaders. And would perpetuate health inequalities.

Hoek is also the co-director of a group researching ways to reduce smoking.

“Large-scale clinical trials and modelling studies show the legislation would have rapidly increased the rates of quitting among smokers. And made it much harder for young people to take up smoking.”

To the tobacco and vape manufacturing companies.

Tobacco and vape companies will feel better to this decision. As a vape manufacturer in China, VPFIT also think that the previous regulation is too strict. We welcome the government to introduce a new more reasonable regulations. Anyway, the health of youth generation is the most important.

What’s more, as trustworthy and responsible vape brand, VPFIT will continue to follow the New Zealand vape regulations. Compliance vapes are always the main and only vaping device we provide to New Zealand market. Besides, we will also give strict remind to our distributors, dealers and retailers not selling vapes to youth.