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Spain Canary Will Impose Specific Taxes on Vaping Device from 2024

Spain Canary Will Impose Specific Taxes on Vaping Device from 2024

Spain Canary Will Impose Specific Taxes on Vaping Device from 2024

The Canary Islands government will tax vapes and related vaping devices at a rate of 0.10 euros per milliliter starting in 2024. According to the content of the modification of the law that regulates the tax on tobacco products disclosed by European News Agency. And the government will include them in the autonomous region budget draft in 2024.

The Canary Islands will become the first Spanish autonomous community to impose a specific tax on vaping products.

Canary Islands have adopt fiscal recommendations issued by the European Union and central government.

Authorities will tax vape e-liquids and any device that contains or does not contain nicotine. Especially to discourage access by teenagers and prevent them from developing a habit of using tobacco.

What’s more, the latest Survey on drug use in secondary education in Spain (Estudes) 2023, shows a high increase in the number of students who would have tried the electronic cigarette at least once, reaching 54 percent, compared to 44 .3 percent of the previous data from 2021. More than half of them have done so with products that do not include nicotine.

vapes and vaping devices in the vape store

vapes and vaping devices in the vape store

The impact of the initiative on the Canary Islands’ finances is currently unclear. According to projections by the Ministry of Health in its report “E-cigarette tax review: European regulation and possible scenarios in Spain”, the possible national public revenue increase from vape taxes is between 7 to 48 million euros.

Additionally, the bill updates taxes on most products. The tax rate on cigars and cigarillos increase from 2% to 4% and on other tobacco products from 5% to 10%.

Vape manufacturers and companies need to notice this.

For vape manufacturers, e-liquid suppliers and companies, the tax impose at Spain Canary may not influence too much currently. But, if more government start to impose tax on vapes in the future, competition between vapes and traditional tobacco will become more intense. Moreover, the vape retailers and distributors in Canary Islands should prepare to follow this tax regulation.

The vape price in Canary Island may increase.