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UK Vape Average Price: disposables £6, refillable ones £12

UK Vape Average Price

UK Vape Average Price

Recently, the UK government’s official website released a consultation report. The report mentions the most popular vape brands in the market and the average vape price.

The most popular vape brands and average price of vapes in UK.

The report mentions that in 2022, the most popular disposable vape brand among young people in the UK is ELFBAR. The disposable vapes of ELFBAR sell for about 5 pounds for each. While ELFBAR’s refillable vape products sell for about 8 pounds.

In addition, the report also mentions the average selling prices of different product categories in the UK market. in:

  • 1. The average price of a disposable vape is £6;
  • 2. The average price of a reusable pre-filled pod kits is £12;
  • 3. The average selling price for refillable cartridges is £40.
the average cost of vapes across different product categories in UK

the average cost of vapes across different product categories in UK

The export unit price of China vapes to UK in October 2023

According to trade data updated by the China Customs, we have calculated the unit price of vapes exported from China to the UK in October 2023. The export unit price of Chinese vapes to UK is 40.33 US dollars/kg. In addition, the average price of “vapes and similar personal atomization equipment” was 3.8 pounds/unit.


Number of UK vape users soars to 5.1 million daily, more than half are women

A survey shared exclusively with ITV News by the UK Addiction Treatment Group found that 5.1 million British adults use vapes every day. Moreover, more than half of them are women, and a total of 2.6 million, including nearly 400,000 pregnant women.

Additionally, the use of vapes across all age groups is also growing rapidly. More than 1 million users aged 40-49 and more than 850,000 users aged 18-24.

Paul Buck, of Allen Carr stop smoking organization, said there had also been an increase in calls from people asking to quit smoking.

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