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Compliant E-cigarette Product Demand in Russia is Increasing
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Best Pod System Vape (2024 Update) | VPFIT Brand Vape Manufacturer

Best Pod System Vape (2024 Update)

With a focus on exceptional quality, superior performance, and cutting-edge technology, the best vape manufacturers will transform the vaping landscape in 2024. Top brands, including VPFIT, have revolutionized the industry with their innovative pod systems. These pod vape systems are offering unique experiences to vapers worldwide. This guide will provide an in-depth analysis of the top 10 best pod vape kits of 2024. We will highligh their distinctive features, the unique selling propositions. And, find out the key factors that set these devices apart from the rest.


Table of Contents

  • The Rising Trend of Pod Vapes
  • Top 10 Pod Vape Kits of 2024
  • Understanding Pod Kits – The Fundamentals
  • The Merits of Pod Vape Kits
  • Choosing Your Ideal Pod Vape
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs About Pod Systems

The Rising Trend of Pod Vapes

The vaping industry witnessing a significant surge in popularity in 2023. Pod vape kits have taken center stage in 2023. In 2024, they will keep hot selling in the market. These devices offer an extraordinary blend of simplicity, versatility, and convenience. Thus appealing to both seasoned vapers and beginners alike.

As we delve deeper into the world of pod vapes, we aim to highlight the top-notch devices that have garnered exceptional acclaim and popularity. This guide is dedicated to providing insights into the unique selling points, specifications, and features of each vape kit, helping you make an informed decision.

Top 10 Pod Vape Kits of 2024

This section presents a comprehensive overview of the top 10 best pod vape kits of 2024. These kits, manufactured by leading vape brands like VPFIT, offer unparalleled convenience, outstanding performance, and intense flavor.

Quick View to the Best Pods Vapes

Pod VAPE DeviceVaping StyleVaping typeBatteryE-liquid capacityOutstanding Features
VPFIT Insbar-IIMTLopen pod400 mAh rechargeable2.0mlNo leaking! Various fruit flavor
VPFIT InsbarMTLrefillable pod400 mAh rechargeable2.0mlRefillable pod, great for beginners
Vaporesso Xros 3 NanoMTL/RDLopen pod1000 mAh2.0mlEasy to use, great flavour
Aspire Flexus QMTLopen pod700 mAh2.0mlFast charging
VPFIT FlexboxMTLclosed pod600 mAh rechargeable10.0mlAdjustable airflow, excellent taste, fast-charging
Smok Novo 4MTLopen pod800 mAh2.0mlTough design, precise control
Voopoo Drag E60MTL/DLpod mod2500 mAh2.0mlStylish design, long-lasting battery
Oxva Xlim Pro Pod KitMTL/RDLopen pod1000 mAh2.0mlLong-lasting, easy to use
Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro Pod KitMTL/RDLpod mod900 mAh2.5mlEasy to use, fully adjustable
Innokin Klypse Zip Pod Vape KitMTLpod mod650 mAh2.0mlRefillable, easy for new hand

1. VPFIT Insbar-II, one of the best pod kit vape 2024

VPFIT Insbar II, one of the best pod kit vape 2024

VPFIT Insbar II, one of the best pod kit vape 2024

The Insbar-II by the vape brand VPFIT is a prefilled pod kit vape with 600 puffs count. The prefilled pod provides 2.0ml e-liquid capacity, and with various kinds of fruity vape flavor choice.

What’s more, its 400mAh rechargeable battery, plus with type-C fast charging tech, make sure you can enjoy a full day vaping.

In addition, the innovative and industry leading smoke bomb oil core separation technology is a must metion feature. This advanced technology make sure the Insbar-II will never leak. Therefore, we can range it as the best pod vape devices for 2024.

Moreover, Insbar-II is compact, simple to use and there are no power settings or adjustable airflow settings to worry about. Thus it is a perfect option for beginners.

Why we recommend:

  • Beginner-friendly.
  • No leaking!
  • Various fruity vape flavor choice.

2. VPFIT Insbar, the best refillable pod system

VPFIT Insbar, the best refillable pod system

VPFIT Insbar, the best refillable pod system

Insbar is a refillable pod vape R&D by VPFIT. It is the first generation of VPFIT Insbar series. The Insbar’s refillable pod and 400 mAh rechargeable battery mean it lasts longer lifespan. You only need to refill the e-liquid, recharge the battery to let it produce enjoyable flavor taste for you.

In addition, with a 1.2ohm resistance mesh coil, the Insbar can provide you better vaping experience. Thus there is no burning taste or other uncomfortable feeling when you are using it.

What’s more, it is also one of the best pod vape for nic salts which support various nicotine strength from 0% to 5%.

Why we recommend:

  • Easy to use, friendly to new vape user.
  • Lasts longer than regular disposable vapes.
  • Refillable pod vape – multiple flavor e-liquid choice.

Vaporesso Xros 3 Nano

The Vaporesso Xros 3 Nano is a compact, stylish and easy-to-use pod kit. It can provides strong, consistent flavour & up to 2 days’ battery life.

Xros 3 Nano is equiped with fixed-coil pods, inhale firing and automatic power settings. The only thing you need to do is just fill and attach the pod. After a few minutes waiting, you can start to inhale it and enjoy your vaping! Thus it is also a perfect option for first-time vapers.

Why we recommend:

  • Great flavour.
  • Easy to use.
  • Long-lasting battery & pod life.

Aspire Flexus Q

The Flexus Q by Aspire is a pod vape system with replaceable coil. The kit includes both a 1.0ohm and 0.6ohm coil. The coils are easy to install. Therefore, you will get two coils to experience different vape feeling and flavor taste.

In addition, its 700 mAh battery can present you a wholeday vaping.

The firing button of this vaporizing device is very sensative, maybe this can be its small disadvantage. This device is suitable for new vaper looking for something reliable and easy to use. Also, it can be used by experienced users wanting something small and discrete.

Why we recommend:

  • Fast charging.
  • Great flavour.

VPFIT Flexbox, best closed pod vape

VPFIT Flexbox, best closed pod vape

VPFIT Flexbox, best closed pod vape

The VPFIT Flexbox is a closed pod vape system with prefilled e-liquid pod. It is a new design vape pod with box shape, a super pod vape kit for vapor.

Its strong magnet interface technology is a must-mention detail. This make sure the Flexbox’s pod and battery close firmly, no block, no gap, no leaking.

In addition, its adjustable airflow provides a choice of user modes that cater to different experience levels. You can adjust the airflow as you want. Thus the VPFIT Flexbox can bring you various vaping experience.

Although the Flexbox only provide 6 standard vape flavor, but it still can be arranged as one of the best pod vape for flavor. Moreover, if you purchase this pod vape system in bulk, the vape manufacturer can also provide custom, OEM and ODM service for you.

Why we recommend:

  • Adjustable airflow.
  • Excellent taste.
  • Fast-charging.

Smok Novo 4

Novo 4 is one of the Novo series by Smok, one of the best pod vape system in the vaping market.

It is simple and easy beginners vape kit. There is a adjustable airflow and OLED screen to let you easily set your prefered vaping habit. This humane design can help you get familiar with vaping quickly and improve your experience.

In addition, it has another OLED screen to show you the current working status of this device. Thus you can easily know its information and how it is working.

Why we recommend:

  • Airflow control.
  • OLED screen.
  • Experience it more easy.

Voopoo Drag E60

Voopoo Drag E60 has the Drag Series’ signature combination of metal and leather appearance. This design makes it both beautiful look and feel high-end.

Drag E60 is a compact pod mod, it is a great option for vape users who want a experience Direct-Lung inhale vaping.

Moreover, its favorable flavor taste and vapour production ability is also very impressive. And its compatible PnP coil range allows you to taste both MTL and DL inhale styles.

Why we recommend:

  • Stylish design.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • User-friendly Smart Mode.

Oxva Xlim Pro Pod Kit

Oxva Xlim Pro is a powerful pod kit which can provide you a long lasting vaping time. Its 1000 mAh battery can support a 3 days vaping for you.

In addition, its multiple vape flavor choice also can meet your preference easily.

Its top-filling design also easy and convenient, you can refill the e-juice simply.

Why we recommend:

  • 1000mAh long lasting battery.
  • Top-fill design for easy, simple refilling.
  • Compact and ergonomic design.

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit

Lost Vape Ursa Baby Pro Pod Kit has a fashionable appearance but with strong vaping. This device has a sophisticated zinc-alloy body, with OLED display to show information of this pod vape. It is a ideal choice for MTL vapers.

Why we recommend:

  • Simple to use pod vape system.
  • Suitable for MTL vapers.
  • With OLED display for vape status.

Innokin Klypse Zip Pod Vape Kit

Innokin Klypse Zip Pod Vape Kit is one of the best pod vape pen in the 2023 choosing guidence. Here, we will mention it again.

It is designed like a cigarette lighter, simple but functional. In addition, it is really user friendly, you can easily drop it into your pocket and traveling everywhere.

Moreover, its inhale activation feature can bring you a satisfying MTL vaping experience.

Why we recommend:

  • Small pod system.
  • Suit MTL vaping.
  • Easy to use.

Understanding Pod Kits – The Fundamentals

Pod vape kits are unique vaping devices. They are popular for their simplicity, portability, and user-friendly features. These compact, all-in-one devices comprise a battery and a replaceable or refillable “pod” containing the e-liquid and coil. The pod serves the dual purpose of an e-liquid reservoir and mouthpiece, simplifying the vaping process.

The Merits of Pod Vape Kits

Pod vape kits offer a plethora of benefits, beyond their aesthetic appeal and compact size. These devices offer a controlled and enjoyable vaping experience. And, with built-in batteries and easy-to-replace pods, making maintenance a breeze. Besides, the wide variety of e-liquid flavors available enhances the appeal of pod kits. Thus offering users a delightful and enjoyable vaping experience.

Choosing Your Ideal Pod Vape

As you stand ready to choose your perfect pod vape, it’s essential to consider various factors that contribute to a fulfilling vaping experience. From the device’s battery life to its compatibility with different e-liquids, each aspect plays a pivotal role in determining your overall satisfaction.


As we conclude this guide, we extend an invitation for you to take the next step in your vaping journey with confidence and enthusiasm. Allow us to be your trusted partner in this exciting journey. We will guide you towards products that promise reliability, satisfaction, and unparalleled vaping.

FAQs About Pod Systems

What sets Pod Vapes apart?

Pod vape kits differ from traditional vaping setups in their design and functionality. They are compact, all-in-one devices that consist of a battery and a refillable or replaceable “pod.”

Why are Pod Vape Kits better?

Pod vape kits offer multiple advantages over prefilled or disposable vape setups. They have long-lasting batteries and sufficient e-liquid capacity. Thus can ensure extended vaping sessions without frequent recharging or refilling.

How often can a refillable vape pod be used?

Refillable vape pods typically hold up to 2ml of e-liquid. Generally, it allows for approximately five full refills using a 10ml e-liquid bottle or provides around 3000 puffs in total.

Is a refillable pod better than a disposable vape?

Choosing between a refillable pod and a disposable vape depends on your priorities. If convenience and ease of setup are essential, disposable vapes might be the preferred option. However, if you seek greater customization and cost-efficiency, refillable e-cigarettes offer a better fit.

All in all, whether you’re a beginner looking for a simple, easy-to-use device or an experienced vaper seeking a powerful, feature-rich kit, this guide will help you navigate the diverse range of products offered by top vape manufacturers like VPFIT.

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