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Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt? Reasons and Fix Tips

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt(Reasons and Fix Tips)

Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt(Reasons and Fix Tips)

A common issue many vapers face is the unwelcome burnt taste during a vaping session. No one want to use the burnt-tasting vaporizers. This occurrence, often refers to as a “burnt hit“, can be a real mood-killer, especially when you’ve found your ideal flavor and are all set for a delightful experience. This article the engineer from the top vape manufacturer VPFIT will unravel the mystery behind this unpleasant phenomenon. And we will provide you with effective solutions to avoid it.


What Causes the Burnt Taste in Vapes?

Before we delve into why your vape might taste burning, we need to understand the basic structure of a vape device. Typically, a vape device consists of four components: a battery, a coil, a wick, and an e-Liquid tank or pod. The process begins when the e-Liquid from the tank saturates the wick. As you switch on the device, the battery heats the coil, which in turn heats the e-Liquid-soaked wick, producing the vapor you inhale.

The Burnt Hit Phenomenon

The burnt hit transpires when the wick isn’t sufficiently saturating with e-Liquid. As a consequence, the heat from the coil burns the dry wick, resulting in an unpleasant burning taste instead of your usual flavor-filled vapor. 

However, it is not happening simply by one or two reason. The electronic vaporizer and vape pen is a device assembled from various components including battery, coil, e-liquid pod, electronic accessories, etc. If any one of the components has a problem, the burnt vape may occurs.

The basic components inside a vape

The basic components inside a vape(take VPFIT V5-II series disposable vape as example)

Now, let’s move to the next step, find the reasons and solutions.

There are several reasons why this situation may occur, and we’ll discuss them in detail in the following sections.

1. Running Low on e-Liquid

The most common reason for burnt hits is a low e-Liquid level. As we have established, the wick requires a sufficient amount of e-Liquid to soak up. This e-Liquid is vaporizing when the coil heats up. In the absence of enough e-Liquid, the heat begins to burn the dry wick, leading to a burnt taste.


Regularly check your e-Liquid level before you start vaping. By making this a habit, you can ensure that your wick is always adequately soaked, thereby preventing burnt hits.
There are refillable vapes and non-refillable vapes in the market. For refillable vapes, you can refill the vape by yourself when the liquid is low. Normally it is not complicate. Just follow the instructions the vape manufacturer provide to you.
However, for non-refillable vaporizers, you may need to change a new pod or dispose it and purchase new one.

2. Over Puffing

Another common reason for burning taste is puffing too frequently. When you take continuous puffs, the wick doesn’t get the time to absorb enough e-Liquid, causing it to dry out and burn. This may happen to these heavy vapers, since they always vape more frequently and harder.


If you start noticing a slightly burnt taste during your vaping session, stop using it for a while. Just take a break and allow the wick to absorb more e-Liquid, then obviously it will bring you a better enjoyment. Moreover, some heavy vape users usually puff the vape very hard. If you keep puff and not stop, the burnt taste will also appears. Therefore, pay attention not puff that hard.

3. Improper Priming of Coils

If you use a new coil without priming it properly, you are likely to experience burnt hits. Priming your coil head ensures that it is thoroughly saturated with e-Liquid before you start vaping. This is often happening to these newly opened pod vapes.


Always take the time to properly prime your coil head before filling the tank with e-Liquid. The vape manufacturer VPFIT always advice their customers to place the new vape pod for 3 – 5 minutes to let the e-liquid enters the coil. And then, the vape’s vaping experience will be better. 

4. High-Power Vaping

If you vape at a wattage that’s too high for your coil, your e-Liquid will vaporize too quickly. Under this circumstance, the wick won’t be able to re-saturate quickly enough. Thus will lead to a burnt hit.


Familiarize yourself with the wattage range your coil can handle and adjust your vape settings accordingly before you start vaping. Normally, the vape manufacturer will print this information on the vape package or user manual. You can find these information from there.

5. Incompatible Batteries

Not all batteries are suitable for your vape, even if they can attach with your vape. A high-power vape battery connecting to a vape tank with lower requirements can easily ruin your coil. On the contrary, low-power vape battery can not support heating the coil, the vape will not produce puff.


Ensure that you use the right type of battery for your vape to avoid this issue. The brand vape always have clear indication about the battery voltage advice and attention reminds on the vape packing or user manual. If you are a new vaper, remember to know about this and follow it.

6. Incorrect PG/VG Ratio

Not all e-Liquids are created equal. If your e-Liquid has a high VG (Vegetable Glycerin) formula, the coil may not absorb the liquid efficiently, leading to burning hits. In addition, if you use inappropriate liquid, it may spot your vape and lead to unpleasant puffing feeling.


If you suspect that your e-Liquid is causing burnt hits, try a different e-Liquid with a lower level of VG. If you’re unsure which e-liquid to choose for your kit, it is better to ask your vape brand. Go to Google and find their official website, get in touch with their after-sales team for some guidance about the correct e-liquid for your vape kit.

7. Faulty Coils

Sometimes, despite doing everything correctly, you may still experience a burnt taste. This could be due to a faulty coil. If there is problem with the coil, the vaping taste will keep burnt even you use the suitable battery, high-end e-liquid and other measures. Under this circumstance, you can probably confirm that the coil is fault.


If you have followed all the right steps and still experience a burning taste, the best course of action is to stop using the coil and contact the vape manufacturer. Describe them about the phenomenon of your electronic vaporizing device, and ask to provide a solution to end this problem.

Preventing Burnt Hits: Valuable Tips

The above are some main factors cause burnt taste, and solutions to fix it. Actually, we believe that no one wants to meet these problems. In addition to prevent burnt hits, our daily use and maintenance habit is important. Here are some simple ways you can follow in daily use so as to avoid your vape from burning taste:

  1. Modify Your Vaping Habit: Taking short, frequent puffs can increase the chances of a burnt hit. Allow 15-20 seconds between each puff for the atomizer to absorb sufficient e-Liquid.

  2. Avoid Cold Temperatures: Cold temperatures increase the viscosity of your e-Liquid, making it thicker and harder to absorb into the atomizer or wick. It is advisable to store your products between 0-25°C for the best vaping experience. 

  3. Check the e-liquid level when vaping: This is a easy-form habit. Keep the e-liquid enough can most likely to avoid burning hit. Moreover, some brand vape like VPFIT Arobar, has digital display screen to indicate you the e-liquid level inside the vape. That’s smart disposable vape to help you know the situation of your vaping device.

Can I Continue Vaping When Taste Burning Hit?

Yes, you can continue vaping several puffs after experiencing a burning hit and check if it still exist. However, if the burnt taste persists, it’s time to find out the reason and try to fix it. Following the above factors we mention to you, check if they are happening to your vaping device. You may need to replace your coil, change your e-Liquid pod, or get a new disposable according to different reason.


Understanding why your vape tastes burnt and how to resolve it can significantly enhance your vaping experience. By regularly checking your e-Liquid levels, adjusting your vaping technique, and ensuring your coil is properly primed, you can enjoy your vape sessions without any unpleasant surprises.

Note: For safety reasons, always use your vape device as per the vape manufacturer’s instructions.


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