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Northern Ireland MPs Back Proposal to Ban Disposable E-cigarettes
Northern Ireland MPs Back Proposal to Ban Disposable E-cigarettes
October 28, 2023
banning disposable e-cigarette products cannot fundamentally solve the problem of environmental pollution
Disposable E-Cigarette Pollution Fundamental Solving Way is Recycle
October 30, 2023

Vape Brand VPFIT Launches New Vapes On Vaper Expo UK

Vape Brand VPFIT Launches New Vapes On Vaper Expo UK

Vape Brand VPFIT Launches New Vapes On Vaper Expo UK

Today, the Vaper Expo UK 2023 October is going on now! The leading vape brand VPFIT is at booth A90. During this exhibition, VPFIT launched 4 new vape products.

Vaper Expo UK is the largest vape exhibition in the United Kingdom.

For the 2023 October Vaper Expo UK exhibition, the time is from the Oct. 27th to 29th, and it is holding in the renowned NEC Birmingham. Over 156 exhibitors including vape manufacturers, vape companies, vape distributors are attending this vaping industry event.

The botth number of VPFIT is A90. We welcome all visitors come to our booth and taste our disposable vaporizers and pod systems face-to-face.

VPFIT on Vaper Expo UK

VPFIT on Vaper Expo UK

VPFIT launches 4 new disposable electronic cigarettes on Vaper Expo UK 2023.

There are 6 vaporizers displaying during this year’s Vaper Expo UK exhibition. They are VPFIT Verano, Arobar, Postbar Max, Insbar-II, Vgo, and Vpen.

Among these 6 vaping devices, VPFIT Verano, Arobar and Postbar, and Insbar-II series are the newest e cigarette device R&D by VPFIT.

Verano, the 2023 newest 600 puffs cute vape

The Verano is the 2023 newest small disposable vape with 600 puffs. It is a 2ml e-liquid capacity cute vape. In addition, it has delicate and slim box appearance structure, with a curved profile and mouto-fit drip tip. This creative design make the uses feel better both in hand and lips. Moreover, its 600 puff vape capacity can provide you a full enjoyment to the vape flavor. It provides 8 body color and flavor vape coice for you.

Arobar, the best smart disposable vape choice

The second new product we would like to introuce on Vaper Expo UK is the VPFIT Arobar series. This is one of the best smat disposable vape in the market. There is a smart display screen on its body to indicate you the battery capacity and e-liquid capacity when you are vaping. That’s a creative and very functional design. In addition, there is 22ml e-liquid inside this digital vape to provide you fully enjoyment of a 12000 puffs vape. What’s more, its integrated 650 mAh battery with type-C fast charing will make sure this vape last long when you are using it.

Postabr Max, the large puff sub-ohm vape

The third one is the Postbar Max, a 13000 large puff sub-ohm vape. The 0.6Ω mesh, 750 mAh battery plus with chasing cloud technology makes it truely a big puff vape pen. In addition, its 20ml e-liquid and 13000 puffs capacity provide you full vaping satisfaction.

Insbar-II, the classical pod vape system

The Insbar-II is a classic 2.0ml 600 puffs prefilled disposable pod vape system released by VPFIT. Since its appearance in the market, it has attract many interest among the vapors. In addition, its creative and industrial leading mesh coil technology make sure the vape pod will not leaking or buring. Its is really a cool vape choice for both new vapor and experienced users.

Vgo and Vpen, 500 puffs small disposables choice

Vgo and Vpen series are classical all-in-one disposables of VPFIT. These two are all 500 puffs small vape pens. The Vgo and Vpen are bestly suitable for UK vape market legislation. Both of them has various body color and vape flavor choice for the vape users.

Come and visit us at booth A90! Let’s taste the full vape flavor enjoyment of VPFIT’s brand vaping devices on Vaper Expo UK 2023!

Full View of VPFIT brand vapes

Full View of VPFIT brand vapes

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