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October 26, 2023
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Australian survey: 36% of young people are using vapes

Australian survey 36 percent of young people are using vapes

Australian survey 36 percent of young people are using vapes

On October 24, a latest study found that more than one-third of Australian young people are using vapes. And nearly three-quarters of parents suspect that their children are using vapes. What’s more, many young people are still using it even though they know what they are using is nicotine containing vapes.


Vapes are easily available to teenagers, leading the public to believe that these products are harmless.

The Cancer Council Australia released the latest study data from its ongoing national Generation Vape study on Wednesday. Click here to download the research data.

The study tracks young people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviors towards vapes and vaping devices.

The latest survey covered 1,700 teenagers aged 14 to 17 and 6,500 young people aged 18 to 24.

The study found that more than one-third (36%) of young people are vape users, and almost three-quarters (73%) of those who have used vapes know that vapes contain nicotine.

young people are using vapes

young people are using vapes

What’s more, the study also surveyed 2,500 parents, and nearly three-quarters (72%) suspected their children had used disposable vapes.

Moreover, five-quarters (82%) of parents say preventing their children from vaping is their top priority. Three-quarters (76 per cent) of 1300 teachers in NSW believe preventing students from vaping is a priority for them.

In addition, the study found that one-third of teenagers who have never used vape device are curious about it.

Australia is taking strict action on vapes and vaping devices.

Figures show around 22% of Australians aged 18-24 have used a vape or vaping device at least once. Although buying nicotine vapes in Australia requires a prescription, a thriving illegal market means they are easy to obtain.

In May this year, Australian Health Minister Mark Butler announced a ban on the import of nicotine-containing and non-nicotine vapes and vaping products. And only allow licensed pharmacists to sell these to people with a doctor’s prescription. This regulation will force vape shops to close and other retailers will have to remove all vaping products. Moreover, this will also influence the vape factory and manufacturer, distributor.