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Call for Ban on Disposable Vapes Rejected by UK local health board

Call for Ban on Disposable Vapes Rejected by UK local health board

Call for Ban on Disposable Vapes Rejected by UK local health board

The British Local Government Association is concerning about the impact of disposable vapes on health and the environment and has proposed a ban on their use.

The Bath and Northeast Somerset councillor proposed a ban on the use of disposable vapes this summer.

However, the call for a comprehensive ban was rejected by local health department leaders, who believed that vapes can help quit smoking.

On July 20, Ruth Malloy, MP for Bath and North East Somerset, points out his opinions at a plenary meeting. He points out that although vapes were originally developed as a tool to help smokers quit smoking, their current trend is that more and more young people and even children are starting to use vapes. And these people does not have the habit of smoking before.

However, calls for a total ban on disposable vapes were opposed by a majority of local health leaders at a district health and welfare committee meeting on September 26.

Health Protection Officer Ruth Sampson warns that mixing messages could be misleading. “We know that vaping is supporting a lot of adult smokers to stop. If we ban disposable vapes, will we see an increase in youth smoking behaviour?”

Sampson adds that the move to make disposable vapes available to some vulnerable smokers is part of Bath and North East Somerset Council’s smoking cessation programme. Moreover, the council also intends to sign up for the government’s Switch to Quit scheme, which provides free vape kits to smokers who wish to quit.

In addition, Malloy describes New Zealand’s approach to vapes as a “middle way”. In New Zealand, vape devices must have removable or recyclable batteries and are banned from sale near schools and community gathering places.

Additionally, she emphasizes, “Liberals never want to ban anything in principle. At the same time, I think it’s actually protecting, first of all, young people’s health — I worry about the ones that have never smoked. And then the environment.”

various disposable vapes

various disposable vapes

Vape Manufacturer from China comments on the ban of disposable vapes.

VPFIT, a top and leading vape manufacturer from China, would like to comment about this.

The origin of vaping devices is to help smokers to quit from cigarettes. It is not that harmful to the society. We cannot totally ban it just because of the health and environment issue.

If talk about the health problem, traditional cigarettes also may cause some health problem, even more serious than vape devices.

What’s more, comparing with other vaping devices, disposable vapes also have some advantages.

Disposable vapes are more convenient vaping devices to the vape users. The batteries inside disposable vapes will not be a problem in the future.

More and more vape manufacturers are making efforts on the recycling and disassembling of disposable vapes. Some vape manufacturer has push out recyclable vapes. In addition, Vape brands like ELF BAR explores a full link for the recycling of disposable vape pen.

The vape manufacturers are making efforts to make sure the disposable vapes are able to be recycled totally. We believe that disposable vapes will not cause environmental problems in the future.