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ELFBAR Implements “True Recycling” of Vape Pen Products in UK

ELFBAR Implements True Recycling of Vape Pen Products in UK

ELFBAR Implements True Recycling of Vape Pen Products in UK

On June 5th, World Environment Day, the global disposable vape pen head brand ELFBAR released its environmental protection recycling plan in the UK. Its name is GreenPowercycle. It focusing on the “true recycling” of disposable vape pen. Aiming at promoting environmental protection and sustainable development.

Disposable vape pens have been accompanied by controversy since their birth. Social organizations in various countries challenges this category continuously. And, they have conducted countless discussions and debates.

British is the largest vape market in Europe. Recently, the British public opinion are questioning about the “environmental protection” of disposable vape pen products.

According to the “Financial Times”, disposable vapes sold globally last year uses more than 90 tons of lithium substances.

However, by now, there is no any garbage collection stations dedicate to vapes. Thus, the consumers sometimes discard the used vape pens at anywhere. In the end, it result in a great waste of resources.

Facing this controversy, the issue of how to improve the sustainability of vape pen recycling has been put on the agenda.

This is also a responsibility that a responsible enterprise should take the initiative to undertake.

On June 5, ELFBAR, a global disposable vape pen head brand, takes the first step in vape industry. It releases its environmental protection recycling plan “GreenPowercycle” in the UK, focusing on the “true recycling” of disposable vapes.

ELFBAR is planning a recycling program from scratch.

ELFBAR Implements True Recycling of Vape Pen Products

The components of European Recycling Platform(ERP)

In order to prepare for the plan, since last year, the ELFBAR team has been implementing environmental protection plans and carrying out recycling initiatives in many countries. These countries including Ireland, Romania and Cyprus, etc. ELFBAR is providing recycling services in more than 3,000 stores.

After months of operation and practice, the ELFBAR team explores a full link for the recycling of disposable vape pen. Since 2022, ELFBAR is working closely with the UK compliance agency, the European Recycling Platform (ERP). The cooperation finally helps ELFBAR to register with the UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations.

According to the previous practical experience, the ELFBAR team gradually integrate its own existing resources and launched the GreenPowercycle pilot program in the UK. By cooperating with e-cigarette retailers MyCigara, Evapo and Tidal Vape, they set up special recycling boxes in these stores. Finally, they recycle the used ELFBAR products.

People think this is a “Best Ever” idea.

In mid-April, during the running period of the pilot program, medias went to these stores to visit the actual operation situation. Salesperson in the stores discussing the concept of ELFBAR disposable vape pens recycling box, calling it “One of the best ideas ever.”

In the stores, customers normally ask how to properly dispose of disposable vapes. Currently, the only way to recycle is to disassemble and separate parts. However, before ELFBAR, there is no special recycling box for collecting used disposable vape pens. Therefore, they applaud the introduction of ELFBAR recycling bins and hope there will be more of them in London.

ELFBAR Implements True Recycling of Vape Pen Products in UK vith Recover

Recover, a lithium battery recycling company cooperating with ELFBAR.

After the used vape pens are obtained in the vape shop, Recover, is responsible for collecting and transporting these products. Recover is a lithium battery recycling company cooperating with ELFBAR.

Recover chief executive officer John Dorman is upbeat about the recycling program. He states that the demand for recycling solutions will grow as awareness about the proper disposal of used vapes awareness growing.

These disposable vape products are shipping to authorized processing facilities, where they are carefully disassembled for recycling and ultimately recycled and reused.

ELFBAR implement “True Recycling” to the ground.

ELFBAR’s GreenPowercycle program header emphasizes that this comprehensive recycling program ensures that all components are dealt with in a rigorous dismantling and recycling process. These components including the all the plastic and metal in vapes,

This method converts waste into reusable secondary raw materials without major changes to the original chemical structure of the material.

This plan relies on the industry’s environmental protection recycling brand GreenAwareness. GreenAwareness, as a leading brand in the industry’s environmental protection recycling, will takes sustainable development as its purpose and actively undertakes social responsibilities.

ELFBAR hopes that the GreenPowercycle program will cooperate with it to achieve “true recycling” in the whole process. Thus, through advocacy, cooperation, and participation, it will truly implement green environmental protection and sustainable development Moreover, this will also leave a green footprint for the disposable vape pen industry.

In addition, ELFBAR hopes to cooperate with more retailers to join the project in the future. ELFBAR will continue to implement the GreenPowercycle plan in real life. By 2025, ELFBAR estimate to build a recycling chain with mature dismantling, recycling and reuse processes. By then, the vape industry can achieve a sustainable circular development.