WARNING: This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for audlts, anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Argentine vaping association calls on government to lift vaping ban
Argentine vaping association calls on government to lift vape ban
August 17, 2023
Sourth Korea Vape products devices import value
South Korea’s Vape Imports Hit US$14.49 Million in July
August 18, 2023

Where To Custom Vape | How To OEM Vape Pen | China Best Vape

Where to custom vape? Where to find a trustworthiness vape manufacturer?Firstly, lets know more:

Principles of vapes:

Electronic smoke controls smoke output and working state through high-tech silicon chips and air flow sensors. Nicotine is atomize, and the solution containing nicotine and essence is atomize into particles, which are absorbed by the lungs. At the same time, analog smoke is emitted. When inhaled, high-speed air flow is formed in the sensor, and the air flow sensor senses the inhalation of the human mouth, thus triggering the air flow sensor switch to open the air flow sensor switch, and the product begins to enter the working state.

Composition of vape:

  1. Battery stick
    The internal structure of the cigarette holder uses the same basic components: a light PCBA board, rechargeable batteries, various electronic circuits. Most electronic cigarettes use lithium-ion and secondary battery power components, and the battery life depends on the type and size of the battery, the frequency of use, and the operating environment.
  2. Atomizer
    Generally speaking, the smoke cartridge is the suction nozzle part, while some factories, in response to customer needs, glue the atomizer together with the smoke cartridge or oil to make a disposable atomizer, which can greatly improve the taste and smoke volume of vape, and at the same time, the quality is more stable.
Where To Custom Vape | How To OEM Vape Pen | China Best Vape

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The Development History of Electronic Cigarettes:

The design of the first generation e-cigarette completely imitates the shape of ordinary real cigarettes in terms of appearance. The cigarette cartridge is yellow, and the body is white. Its atomizer is easy to burn out. In addition, when replacing the cigarette cartridge, it is easy to damage the pointed part of the atomizer, which will be completely worn out over time, ultimately causing the atomizer to not produce smoke.

The second generation vape is slightly longer than the first generation electronic cigarette, and the main feature is that the atomizer has improve, with a protective cover on the outside of the atomizer. The smoke bomb is inserting into the atomizer, while the first generation e-cigarette is inserting into the smoke bomb by the atomizer. The two are exactly the opposite. The most prominent feature of the second generation vape is the combination of the smoke bomb and the atomizer.

The third-generation vape adopts a disposable atomizer cartridge, which is equivalent to a disposable atomizer, solving previous problems, greatly improving quality, and replacing the appearance and raw materials.

How to OEM vape pen? Secondly, lets know JSB vape:

Starting vape and e-cigarette products production since from 2010. JSB vape company has a professional sales and research and development team. We provide services to all major brand companies in vape industry from all over the world.

So, you only need a inquiry to us. We will provide professional services for you.

As one of giant vape factory. JSB vape has same starting time with other companies like as First union Joytech Kangertech Aspire Itsuwa. 

What you can get from us? Thridly,  we will help customers design for free. We are providing 360 degree services, check here.

However, why Choose us? JSB vape is having a super QC team and nice skilled workers. They are average 3 years working experience age at 25 years old. Over 3000 employees big factory. 100000  unit a day production capacity.

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