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Vape Brands Gathering at VAPE CLUB SHOW Moscow
June 19, 2023
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Looking for vape pen wholesale Factory? See what VPFIT can serve you!

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT GMP workshop photo

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT GMP workshop photo. Copyright: VPFIT

Are you looking for a dependable vape pen wholesale factory in China but hard to distinguish among the factories from China? With over 10,000 Chinese vape factories, it is truly difficult to find the most reliable and trustworthy ones. That’s where VPFIT come in!

In this article we will provide you a comprehensive introduction about VPFIT, a top wholesale vape pen factory from China. We will introduce you according to the following 6 aspects.

1. Brife introduction about VPFIT – top China wholesale vape pen factory.

China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers Choosing VPFIT factory photo

China Wholesale Vape Manufacturers Choosing VPFIT factory photo.
Copyright: VPFIT

VPFIT is a professional and dependable China vape pen wholesale factory. We are one of the earliest China vape factory since 2008. We are a popular vape brand which belongs to the vape pioneer Shenzhen JSB Group.

VPFIT provides various wholesale vape pen products. Our vape types including disposable vape pens, open pods, rechargeable vape, prefilled pods, refillable vapes, cigar like vapes, vaporizer, etc. In addition, with 15 years or experience in vape industry, VPFIT has designed over 50+ vape series covering the whole vape system in the market. By now, VPFIT’s wholesale vapes have been sold to over 70+ countries & regions.

What’s more, VPFIT have excellent market reputation over the last 10+ years. Because we take strict service philosophy to serve every customer. By now, VPFIT has become one of the top China vape brand that is popular in various countries and regions.

VPFIT products have obtained CE, RoHS, FCC, UL,CCIC, PSE, TPD certificates through TUV detection.

Enjoy vaping, Healthy smoke, Better life!

2. Benefits about cooperating with VPFIT

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT R & D team photo

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT R & D team photo
Copyright: VPFIT

Different vape factory has different advantages and strength. Sometimes it is hard to choose the best one which suits you most among the 10,000 vape factories in China. VPFIT is the truly trustworthy vape factory in China that is suitable for most of your demand.

By cooperate with VPFIT, we can provide you the followings:

  1. Low cost: We can provide you the factory price, low cost. Since we have our own factory with mass production capacity.
  2. Various vape styles for you: We have various types of vapes(50+) for you to choose, covering all the vape types in the market. Also, we still keep launch new vape series every year.
  3. High quality assurance: We can make sure the quality of our wholesale vape pen products. Because we have strict quality control standard from the vape components material purchasing, producing, packing, finished product, shipping processes.
  4. Sales-service: we have professional and reliable customer service and support system to serve you, make sure your order will be safely and conveniently. No matter it is pre-sales or after-sales service, you are our new customer or old friend, we all treat you equally.
  5. OEM, ODM and customized service available: If you have special requirement for the appearance, structure, nicotine content, etc, we can also meet your demand.

3. Strength of VPFIT as the top China wholesale vape pen factory.

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT laboratory engineering photo

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT laboratory engineering photo
Copyright: VPFIT

Comparing with various wholesale vape pen factories in China, JSB Group VPFIT still can be classified into the top 10 vape factories. We have our own incomparable strength and advantages than other China vape factories.

  1. VPFIT is one of the earliest China wholesale vape pen factory. We have more than 15 years of professional experience in vape industry.
  2. In addition, we have a strong R&D team with averagely 5+ years of experience in vape field. Consistently, we can launch 1-3 styles of wholesale vapes every year.
  3. By now, VPFIT has issued dozens of utility model patents and outward appearance model patents by Chinese Patent office, the U.S.&EU Patents and Trademark Office.
  4. VPFIT serves all the customers worldwide. By now, we have totally served over 1,000,000 customers in the world. It is these customers’trust that help us grow our strength, experience and vape brand reputations.
  5. We have strong, professional and reliable pre and after sales service. In the past 5 years, VPFIT have build up a 60+ people sales service team. The sales service system make sure you can get a perfect and satisfying result.
  6. VPFIT have long term cooperation relationship with various large vape stores, shops, retailers and resellers, trade companies, distributors, etc. These cooperative partners helps us enlarge our brand popularity and strength.

4. VPFIT Quality control methods

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT quality control photo

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT quality control photo
Copyright: VPFIT

As a wholesale vape pen factory in China, we take extremely serious attention to our product quality. Because product quality is the life of a factory.

  1. VPFIT vape factory is a ISO9001:2015 standard qualified factory. We have a complete product control system.
  2. We have strict inspection and control system. It is a whole chain from the early stage raw material supplier choosing, purchasing, incoming material, to the later production processes, finished product testing, packing and shipping. VPFIT QC stuffs will check and test them to make sure we provide the best wholesale vape pen products to the customers.
  3. All our QC stuffs have averagely 5+ years of experience in vape production field. They have strong sense of responsibility during the product quality control processes.
  4. All the workers from VPFIT will have complete and professional training and exercise consistently. This is also an important and useful way to help improve our product quality.
  5. For all the wholesale vape pen products, we provide 1 year free quality warranty. If there is any quality problem, we can help you solve it within 24 hours.
  6. For the newly researched and designed wholesale vapes, we will test it for more than 6 months to make sure it is perfect enough to meet the customers. This is also important way to make sure our product quality and the vape pens’performance stability.

5. VPFIT R&D ability.

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT engineering photo

China vape pen wholesale Factory VPFIT engineering photo
Copyright: VPFIT

  1. Although we are a wholesale vape pen factory, we still pay strict attention to the research and design ability. We have built our R&D team since 2009.
  2. At present, there are 60+ R&D stuffs in our company. All these engineers averagely have 5+ years working experience in vape industry.
  3. By now, VPFIT has totally launched over 60+ wholesale vape pens in general, 30+ series vape products are on sale.
  4. Moreover, we still keep launch 1-3 new products each year. The original intention of all these new product comes from the real market reaction. Basically, we will consider according to the market demand, the vape industry develop trend, customer request and consumer’s advice.
  5. Additionally, we still keep on improving our existing wholesale vape pen products. Many of our disposable and rechargeable vape pens, pods, mods have already developed the second, third generation.
  6. What’s more, we continuously pay attention to the newest vape industry development trend and the market demand. These information help us a lot on researching and developing vape pen products which is better meet the customer’s request.

6. Main products of VPFIT

Currently, there are 26 series of VPFIT wholesale vape pens are on sale.

  1. Newly design wholesale vapes including:

Flexbar series, Postbar series, Insbar-II series, Ucigar series, Icigar series, Pado series. These vape series mostly fit the newest market demand and the customer’s preference. These are newly launched vape series within one year.

  1. Hot sale and rechargeable vape pens:

Insbar-I series, Flex Box series, Coze series, Tropio series, Shine series, Lure series, Erino series, Vida series, Lupin series, Trii series.

  1. Disposable vape series:

V5-II series, Mono series, Vpen series, V5 series, Vpark series, iSlide series, Han series, Vgo series, iSlim series.

  1. All these wholesale vape pens has made great success during the past few years. They have been sold to more that 70 countries in total.

View VPFIT Products

7. VPFIT OEM and ODM service.

Apart from our own brand, as a wholesale vape factory from China, we also provide OEM, ODM and other customize service. If you have your own brand or request and want to find a OEM vape factory in China, VPFIT is a good choice for you.

We can support appearance, structure, logo design, inside components, batteries and other aspects customize service. Just tell us what you need, we will meet your request.

8. Final conclusion.

The above 7 chapters have briefly introduce VPFIT to you. As a top China wholesale vape pen factory, we are professional and trustworthy.

By partnering with VPFIT, we can provide numerous benefits for your business. Our service are not only cost savings and qualifying.

By these advantages of VPFIT outlining in this guide, you can find that VPFIT is a truly trustworthy China wholesale vape pen factory. We are your ideal partner to help your business thrive in the rapidly evolving vaping industry.