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Vape flavors Restriction Helps Reduce 70% Use Rate of Adolescents
Vape flavors Restriction Helps Reduce 70% Use Rate of Adolescents
May 8, 2023
Serbia Prohibit Disposable Vape Pen Sell to Minors
Serbia Prohibit Disposable Vape Pen Sell to Minors
May 10, 2023

Flavored Vapes German Officials Appeals for banning

Flavored Vapes German officials Appeals for banning disposable vape pens news

Burkhard Blienert, German Commissioner of the Federal Government for Drug and Addiction Policy, appeals for banning Flavored Vapes (may include disposable vape pens). He also revealed that the government will prohibit tobacco advertising.

“In my view, all incentives that could unnecessarily whet the appetite of young people should be abolished,” says Burkhard Blienert.

Burkhard Blienert appeals for banning Flavored Vapes disposable vape pen products

Burkhard Blienert

He also says that milk, cherries, mint and other flavored vape pen products will encourage young people to smoke. This has led youth to be attracted by cheap disposable vape pen products.

Burkhard Blienert also criticized German tobacco and flavored vapes ads are still very common.

“From my point of view, a consistent ban on flavors would therefore make sense,”

Nowadays, more and more young people are using vape pen products. Even some 12 years old children can be seen inhaling flavored vapor. Some of these disposable vape pens contains nicotine.

Burkhard Blienert, warns the dangers of these flavored vape pen products, which are actually only allowed to be sold to adults.

He also criticized that internet sellers provide discounts for the first and large buyers, which need to be changed.

Due to the addiction of Nicotine, German Federal Senate is considering a proposal to urge the EU to ban disposable vapes.

They believe that these flavored and disposable vape pen products should be treated as electronic waste.

Blienert says that the tobacco industry is currently spent 250 million euros for advertising and sponsorship activities.

Blienert hints that the government may prohibit tobacco advertisements and related sponsorship activities in the next step.

“Our goal is to reduce this number to zero.”

It is reported that Blienert has been promoting the legalization of marijuana in Germany. According to the current plan that the German government has disclosed, Germany will be legalized to buy and hold a small number of cannabis and allow the sales in the store. But the advertisement will be banned.

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