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Fight Illegal Vape Once Appear In Market – Worker China News

Worker of Vape factory testing the vape accessories

Worker of Vape factory testing the vape accessories

According to the Legal Daily, “milk tea cups,” “cola cans,” and “teddy bears” have colorful bottle bodies, threaded bottle caps, and colorful curved straws. These “shapes” are fashionable and interesting. Are these toys, drinks, or what? In fact, they are all vapes wearing a vest. The vape products with a variety of sweet and greasy flavors quickly attracted a lot of fans, including minors on campus. Little did they know that most of these flavored vapes are “three no” products produced by black workshops, which have many health and safety hazards.

The “Management Measures for vape” officially implemented on May 1st last year clearly stipulates that vape operators should obtain a tobacco monopoly license, and prohibits the sale of vape products to minors; The mandatory national standard for vapes implemented on October 1st last year clearly requires the prohibition of the sale of flavored vapes outside of tobacco flavors. The purpose of the relevant policies is very clear – adding fruit, floral, mint and other flavors to vapes is precisely to cater to the taste needs of young people and satisfy their curiosity. The clear regulation of “prohibiting the sale of flavored vapes other than tobacco flavors and vapes that can add aerosols on their own” is aimed at reducing the attractiveness and allure of vapes to teenagers and better protecting their physical and mental health.

However, under the temptation of considerable profits, some unscrupulous merchants still take risks and sell their vapes on online platforms by putting on a vest and changing their appearance. For such behavior that disregards social morality, laws and regulations, it must be severely punished. On the one hand, regulatory authorities should strengthen source investigation and punishment, and strictly investigate and punish illegal vape factories and workshops in accordance with the law by unblocking reporting channels and investigating product sources; On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the responsibility of e-commerce and social media platforms, strengthen the recognition and interception of vape related words, and take sellers seriously.

Only through strict supervision and punishment, can minors be protected from the harm of e-cigarettes by cracking down on illegal flavored vapes and leaving them with no way to enter the market and nowhere to hide.

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