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Thailand: Vaping Is Forbidden To Enter Thailand By Any Form

thailand vape news ban vaping enter market

thailand vape news ban vaping enter market

JSB vape world view report.

On February 19, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health of Thailand, Anutin, ordered all relevant departments to strengthen the supervision and law enforcement of e-cigarettes and prohibit e-cigarettes from entering Thailand.

Anutin ordered the Department of Disease Control of the Ministry of Public Health to support relevant departments to strengthen the supervision of e-cigarettes and prohibit e-cigarettes from entering Thailand in any form. At the same time, the Ministry of Health will also work with the General Administration of the National Police and the General Administration of Customs to arrest the criminals who illegally smuggle electronic cigarettes and improve the control efficiency of electronic cigarettes.

In addition, Anutin also ordered the Health Promotion Fund Committee to carry out relevant campaigns to popularize the knowledge about the hazards of electronic cigarettes, so as to prevent young people from being cheated and becoming new smokers. At the same time, relevant departments will also cooperate with schools to build smoke-free demonstration areas.

Anutin said that he had discussed the issue of e cigarettes with two professionals, and everyone agreed that e cigarettes would cause harm and impact on health, especially the people who smoked from childhood would be at risk of lifelong addiction. For a long time, many people still believe that e cigarettes are less toxic than cigarettes. However, the fact shows that the toxicity of e cigarettes cannot be underestimated. It firmly resists the flow of anything addictive and harmful to people’s health in the market.

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