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January 23, 2023
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US vaping news: FDA approves more heating tobacco products

28th Jan 2023,Jsbvape reports:

On January 26, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved three kinds of heated tobacco products produced by Philip Morris International. The agency issued a marketing authorization order (MGO) for three kinds of tobacco-flavored heating rods – Marlboro Simona, Marlboro Bronze and Marlboro Amber, all of which can be used with PMI’s IQOS equipment.

In 2019, FDA authorized IQOS and some other Marlboro heating rods through its Pre-Market Tobacco Product Application Procedure (PMTA). In the application, PMI must prove that these products are more better for protecting public health – in short saying, these products are more likely to help smoking adults switch to safer alternatives instead of exposing a new generation to nicotine. The agency also granted the company the ability to propose some revised risk statements in 2020.

Heating tobacco products (HTP) heats tobacco citarette without burning them to produce inhaled vapor. Research shows that the harmful compounds in steam are much less than those in cigarette smoke, but may be more than those in vape system.And,HTP has become popular in other parts of the world, and has shown remarkable potential as an option to reduce hazards.

A most noteworthy is that after the launch and popularity of HTP, regular cigarette sales in Japan has reduced nearly 43% in the past 10 years. Despite the fact that the Japanese government is hostile to tobacco hazard reduction (THR) to a large extent; For example, nicotine e-cigarettes are actually illegal. Critics of mainstream tobacco control – often supporting measures focused on bans – point out that Japan is a potential model, if limited. South Korea has followed suit. Although Taiwan, China has just banned the use of atomized electronic cigarettes, it has left HTPs alone.

Although the additional IQOS MGO will increase the small supply of safer nicotine substitutes authorized by FDA in the United States, they also remind people that the PMTA process is beneficial to manufacturers with sufficient funds, mainly in connection with the tobacco industry.

At present, none of the flavoring e-cigarettes produced by anyone has received MGO. Just a few days before the announcement of IQOS, FDA rejected two menthol e-cigarettes from Vuse, a steam company owned by RJ Reynolds. This makes THR advocates and industry observers wonder whether the agency will authorize a flavored alternative nicotine product.

28th Jan,2023

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