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Disposable Vape Pens for Sale China Vape Manufacturer VPFIT
Disposable Vape Pens For Sale | Top China Vape Manufacturer
January 22, 2024
FDA Issue MDO of Youme Suorin Vape And Fontem blu PLUS+ Vape
FDA Issue MDO of Youme Suorin Vape And Fontem blu PLUS+ Vape
January 24, 2024

List of well-known vape distributors in the United States

List of well-known vape distributors in the United States

Many vape manufacturers will seek cooperation with local vape distributor when expanding the U.S. market. Some vape wholesalers and retailers will also look for local distributor to purchase wholesale vape products. VPFIT compiled a list of well-known vape distributor in the United States based on user feedback and industry information. This list can help vape companies that are entering the US market for the first time. You can better understand this huge potential market.

US Famous Vape Distributors List

NumberVape Company NameAreaMain Business
1MIDWESTIllinois, USDisposable vape
2UNISHOWTexas, USDisposable vape, CBD vape, E-liquid
3Happy DistroCalifornia, USDisposable vape,open pod vape
4GeneralvapeFlorida, USDisposable vape
5DEMANDVAPEUSDisposable vape
6SAFA GOODSFlorida, USDisposable vape,open pod vape
7KMG ImportsCalifornia, USDisposable vape
8American VaporUSDisposable vape
9Vapor BeastFlorida, USOpen Pod vape, E-liquid
10Mig VaporCalifornia, USOpen Pod vape, CBD vape
11World Wide VapeTexas, USDisposable vape
12AK wholesaleIllinois, USDisposable vape,open pod vape
13Muhammad KhanUSE-liquid
14LA VAPORTexas, USDisposable vape,open pod vape
15Empire ImportsCalifornia, USDisposable vape

U.S. Vape Market Size

According to data from the China Customs, China vape exports to the US in 2023 will reach US$3.1 billion. This huge market has attracted many vape companies to enter. And it has been regarded as the first choice market for overseas expansion.

Problems Faced When Operating Across State Lines

Vape policies vary significantly across U.S. states. Therefore, states are relatively fragmented in terms of business development. So, the cross-state operations face certain challenges. When looking for a vape distributor, you also need to consider the vape regulations in your state.

Vape Factory VS Vape Distributor, where to purchase from?

Many vape dealers, wholesalers and retailers are facing this. Will you choose purchase from the vape factory from China? Or you will find a local vape distributor to cooperate with?

Actually, you need to consider according to your specific demand.

If you have large and bulk vape purchase demand, we advice you to find a Chinese vape manufacturer. They can give you factory price when you purchasing the vapes from them. That’s a good way to save your cost. For example, VPFIT, the leading vaping products manufacturing factory at Shenzhen, China. We can offer discount for large quantity order. Besides, if you have custom or OEM vape demand, we can also produce them for you.

If you want to purchase small quantity and need them in a short time, the local vape distributor is better choice. They can deliver the vape products to you quickly, saving a lots of time for you.

But, there is another factor you need to consider. Some vape distributors only sell a few kinds of vape devices. And, some distributors sell several fixed vape brands. Thus, you will need to confirm whether they have the products you need.

Looking for vape distributor in US

VPFIT is now looking for cooperation with vape distributors, wholesalers and dealers. Let’s work together to dig the vape market in US! Contact us for further discussion!

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