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FDA regulations may cause 99% e-cigarette companies bankrupt
November 15, 2023
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UK market predicts Vapes may overtake traditional cigarettes by mid-2020s
November 16, 2023

Best Watermelon Ice Flavor Vapes From VPFIT | Vape Factory

Best Watermelon Ice Flavor Vapes From VPFIT Brand Vape Factory

Best Watermelon Ice Flavor Vapes From VPFIT Brand Vape Factory

Watermelon Ice flavor vapes are one of the frequently searched flavor vaporizing devices online. Comparing with other flavor taste, watermelon flavor always offers you a sweety watermelon and refreshing taste. Now, we will have a deep look to the best watermelon ice vapes from VPFIT, the top vape factory in Shenzhen, China.

VPFIT Hexbar – watermelon ice vape flavour

VPFIT Hexbar Watermelon Ice vape pen

Hexbar Watermelon Ice vape pen

VPFIT Hexbar is a newly released vaporizer by VPFIT in this month. It is popular with its wide flavor options, including watermelon flavor option to the users.

It replicates the refreshing and fruity taste of watermelon, combined with a cooling menthol or ice undertone. The watermelon flavor can be vibrant, providing a combination of refreshing sweetness with a hint of tanginess. At the same time, the ice element in this watermelon ice flavor vape adds a cooling sensation to the overall flavor profile. This cooling effect enhances the refreshing nature of the Hexbar and provide you a pleasant sensation. It is similar to the feeling of enjoying a chilled watermelon or a cool breeze on a hot day.

For each puff, the vaping taste is delightful and satisfied.

In addition, it is user-friendly and simplicity, making it perfect vape choice for both beginners and experienced vape users. 

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Moreover, the VPFIT Hexbar is a 9000 puffs long lasting vape with 650mAh rechargeable battery. Thus assure you can enjoy a full vaping session all over the day without worrying about recharging. 


VPFIT Verano – watermelon ice vape disposable best choice

VPFIT Verano Watermelon Ice Disposable Vape

Verano Watermelon Ice Disposable Vape

The Verano by the brand vape factory VPFIT is a 600 puffs small cute disposable vape. Among its various flavor choices, the watermelon ice flavor is a must-mention one. We would like to list it into one of the best watermelon ice vape disposable choice.

Comparing with other brand vapes like watermelon ice vape lost mary or watermelon ice vape elf bar, the VPFIT Verano also has its leading features and advantages.

It stands out among various disposable vapes for its perfect flavor taste and enjoyment. Don’t be puzzled by its small and cute appearance! It still brings you large puff and flavor vaping enjoyment.

The watermelon ice flavor in this disposable vape can evoke you a sense of refreshment and coolness. It has really captured the essence of ripe, juicy watermelon.

When you inhale the Verano, you may feel a slight coolness on your palate or throat. That’s because the ice component in this watermelon ice vape bar adds a cooling effect to the overall experience.

The watermelon and cooling element in this disposable vape bar creates a unique and enjoyable vaping experience that many people find appealing. It is truely a worth to try vaporizing device.


VPFIT Arobar – Smart disposable vape with digital screen

VPFIT Arobar watermelon ice flavor vape

Arobar watermelon ice flavor vape

VPFIT Arobar is a smart disposable vape which contains a digital display to indicate the battery and e-liquid capacity. It is a standout choice for vapers who want to enjoy a unique and refreshing vaping experience.

Among its vide flavor options, the watermelon ice flavor choice is a top and best flavor you can trust. The taste of Arobar watermelon ice flavor is often described as refreshing and pleasant by our customers. In addition, the sweety watermelon and cooling ice undertone can provide you satisfying and invigorating vaping experience.

If you enjoy the natural sweetness and juiciness of watermelon, the flavor of VPFIT Arobar can provides a satisfying vape that resembles the real fruit.

Moreover, It is a really flavor vape that can bring you cooling sensation. The menthol element in this watermelon ice flavor vape provides you a cooling enjoyment. Can you refuse the VPFIT Arobar when you are in hot weather? Definately no!

Additionally, 13000 puffs capacity, 22ml e-liquid and 650 mAh rechargeable battery in VPFIT Arobar is also appealing to most vapors. That’s a vaporizing device that can provide you few days vaping satisfaction.


VPFIT Postbar Max Sub-ohm Vape Watermelon Ice Flavor Vape

VPFIT Postbar Max Watermelon Ice flavor vape

Postbar Max Watermelon Ice flavor vape

Postbar Max is a sub ohm vape newly released by the vape brand VPFIT. If you want to have a full enjoyment of big cloud, then Postbar Max is your best choice.

The VPFIT Posbar Max disposable vape delivers a well-balanced and satisfying watermelon ice flavor experience. The reason why we mention its watermelon ice flavor is because it combines the sub-ohm vaping so perfect.

Additionally, the natural sweetness and juiciness watermelon icy component offers you refreshing and mouthwatering feeling. It is a prefect flavor vape which brings you peace, smooth, juiceful and satisfy.

Just image feeling that you have a whole vapor in your mouth and throat, with sweety watermelon and cool icy feeling. The tremendous satisfying of this delicious taste will definitely bring you a full enjoyment.

Moreover, it has 1.0 ohm resistence, 650 mAh rechargeable battery, and 22ml large capacity e-juice. All these advanced features create a 13000 puffs long lifespan vape device. You can even keep enjoy the watermelon ice flavor as long as you want.

Further more, the brand also provide watermelon ice vape 0 nicotine option for you if you prefers. All of these watermelon ice vapes can offer 0% nicotine, low nicotine and 5% high nicotine choice.



Is watermelon ice vape good?

I prefer yes! However, the taste preferences are subjective, and what one person enjoys may differ from another.  Some people extremely enjoy the flavoursome hit which perfectly capture the sweet and juicy taste of fresh watermelons. While others may not like it. Anyway, if you have not try it, we advice you to take one and try. You may like it then.

Does watermelon ice vape have nicotine?

Different vape brand may provide different nicotine strength watermelon ice vapes. VPFIT can provide watermelon ice vape 0 nicotine, and also has 2% nicotine or 5% vape device option.

Is watermelon vape sweet?

Yes, it has sweety taste, but not very sweet. We would like to say, it is proper and acceptable for most vape users. In general, watermelon vape flavors provide a sweet and enjoyable vaping experience that resembles the taste of ripe watermelon fruit.

What is the best disposable vape watermelon?

We would recommend VPFIT Arobar watermelon ice flavor. Also, the taste can vary between different brands and formulations. And different people have different taste preference. The watermelon ice vape lost mary provided are also a good option.

What’s the watermelon ice vape price?

The price of watermelon ice vape can vary depending on various factors such as the brand, purchase quantity, the region, and where you purchase it from (online or in-store). If you are interested in VPFIT watermelon ice vaping devices, you can contact us. We can provide you with specific pricing information based on your demand.

The Conclusion

The above four watermelon flavour vaping devices from the vape brand VPFIT is our recommendation. These devices are all perfect choice for vapors who prefer watermelon flavours.

Also, there are many watermelon taste vaporizing devices in the market, they are all worth to try. You can choose according to your taste preference.

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