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Mid Suffolk County Council backs ban on disposable e-cigarettes

Mid Suffolk County Council backs ban on disposable e-cigarettes

Mid Suffolk County Council backs ban on disposable e-cigarettes

The UK government is pushing ahead with a ban on disposable e-cigarettes. The Mid Suffolk County Council has made its support clear.

Concerns about e cigarettes, especially among children have grown over the last year.

According to data, the use of e-cigarettes among children in 2023 has soar to 20.5% of all children. The government, thereby, is launching a consultation to address the issue.

The Mid Suffolk County Council meeting debates this matter hotly on November 7.

Councilor John Matthissen firstly put out this at Mid Suffolk Cabinet meeting in this morning, asking the council’s stance on e-cigarettes.

Tim Weller, who is the cabinet member for environment, culture, and wellbeing, says that there must be some measures to control the use of e cigarettes among children.

“This government supports a ban on disposable e-cigarettes and will make its position clear to the Secretary of State.” Tim Weller adds.

In addition, he emphases that the cabinet has recognize that e-cigarettes are one of the best way for smokers to quit smoking. But the reality in Suffolk is different.

Moreover, he insists that it is important to make sure the vape retailers to follow the rules about displaying the e-cigarettes. These vaporizing devices always have bright color appearance and various flavors.

The environment problem of disposable e cigarettes is another reason.

In Suffolk, people discards about 8000 disposable e-cigarettes every week. The lithium batteries in electronic cigarettes may cause fire if they are not handling in right way. Suffolk already has 7 incidents which is caused by the batteries since Feb 2022.

King Charles reiterated the ecigarette policy: considering taxation and prohibiting disposable ecigarettes.

King Charles states his government would ensure that children born after January 1, 2009 “will never be sold cigarettes.”

This consultation is part of the government’s greater effort to control smoking and create a “smoke-free generation”. This was mentioned in the king’s speech earlier today.

However, it is unclear whether this political appetite will cause the sales of disposable electronic cigarettes, or only lead to restrictions and law enforcement tightening.

The consultation will continue until December 6.