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OEM vape manufacturing processes | Create your OEM E-cigarette

OEM vape manufacturing processes - Create your OEM E-cigarette

OEM vape manufacturing processes - Create your OEM E-cigarette

OEM vapes are keep taking a part of market share in the past years. It is a way to help manufacturing products for those new e-cigarette brands who does not have their own workshop. With the OEM manufacturer’s help, these brands can create their own e-cigarettes, labeling with their trade mark.

In this article, VPFIT, as an experienced vape manufacturing factory, would like to share some basic manufacturing processing knowledge. And, we can help you to make your own e cigs.

Understanding OEM Vape Manufacturing

OEM vape manufacturing, generally speaking, is help producing vaporizing devices for another brand or company. The manufacturer needs to produce the vaping devices according to the design, parameters and other specific requirement of another company. Therefore, it is the OEM manufacturing factory who makes the products, while another brand or company receives the products and sells it.

For the vape company who do not owns manufacturing workshop, that’s a very good way to get the vapes with your own brand. This process allows businesses to offer high-quality e-cigarette devices without investing in manufacturing infrastructure. That’s why OEM manufactured vape has its market in the past decades.

Interested? Hold on, do not be so hurry to create you own vape! You need to have some basic knowledge about the OEM manufacturing processes.

Now let’s move to the next step, know about the main manufacturing processes of a OEM vapes.

The Main Processes of OEM E Cigarettes Manufacturing

1. Find A Trustworthy Vape Manufacturer

This is the first step the client vape brand need to do. A reliable manufacturer will help you save a lot of unnecessary troubles in the coming steps. Basically, the manufacturing ability, R&D strength, technical equipment, pre-sale and after-sales service are the main factors need to consider. In addition, the price, certification, packing and delivery service are also important aspects you can evaluate.

Therefore, it is better to find several manufacturer on the internet, comparing their overall strength and choose the best OEM vape manufacturer for your brand vaporizes.

Here, we would like to introduce you VPFIT, a Chinese vape manufacturer with strong R&D, manufacturing strength. This manufacturer has over 13+ years of professional experience in vaping products manufacturing field. And they are one of the earliest factory enter in e-cigarettes industry. From the earlier generate electronic vaporizing devices, to the latest pod type vape systems and smart digital vapes, VPFIT have all these kinds of products. You can consider about this manufacturer.

2. Consultation and Agreement

During this step, you will need to discuss with the OEM manufacturer about your demand. These demand include product specifications, quantities, pricing, production timelines, quality standards, etc.

The more specific your require is, the better the manufacturer can understand your demand. During this period, you may need several rounds of mailing and communication before finally agree with each other.

Once the details are agreed, you and the manufacturer will document a formal contract, listing the demand clearly.

3. Product Design and Development

Now let’s enter the third step. Normally, the vape brand owner will provide details of the OEM e cigarettes to the manufacturer. Specifically, these details include size, shape, features and branding. The manufacturer then develops prototypes based on these specifications.

After this step, the demand communicating period is almost finished. The designing process will push out a final design to let you confirm.

During this period, there will be a sampling process also. The manufacturer will produce several sample products first, and test their design, puffing taste, electric components stability, etc.

Therefore, you can also check and test the sample products if they are good enough to meet your demand.

If the sample passes the test, the mass production will begin.

4. Sourcing essential components for mass manufacturing.

The OEM manufacturer procures the necessary components, such as batteries, circuitry, coils, wicks, tanks, and casings. Moreover, these components must meet safety and quality standards.

Some brand vape companies has specific requirements about the material. For example, they may specify a brand of the e-liquid or coil. So, if you have this demand, it is better to tell the manufacturer in advance.

5. Manufacturing You OEM Vapes

The manufacturer assembles the vape devices according to the client’s design and specifications. Moreover, they may also produce or source the e-liquids based on the client’s recipe.

This may takes a few weeks according to the order quantity. For bulk purchasing vape brand company, the manufacturing may lasts even a few months.

6. Quality Control and Testing

Rigorous quality control tests are carried out to ensure the products meet safety and performance standards. In addition, the OEM e-cigarettes manufacturer also ensures compliance with relevant regulations. During this period, some client vape brands and companies may also send several person and stay in the factory to monitor the quality.

7. Packaging

After the production are finished, they are labeled, packaged, and branded according to the client’s requirements. This may include warning labels, ingredient lists, and branding materials.

8. Compliance with Regulations

The OEM vape manufacturer ensures that the products and manufacturing process comply with all relevant industry regulations and safety standards.

Moreover, they may also assist the client in navigating regulatory requirements specific to the region where the products will be sold.

9. Distribution and Delivery

The vaping products are delivered to the client, who then distributes them to retailers, online sellers, or wholesalers. The client is responsible for marketing and sales, often using their own brand name.

10. Ongoing Support

The OEM manufacturer may provide ongoing support for issues such as warranty claims and product improvements.

Firstly, it’s essential for the client and the vape OEM manufacturer to maintain clear communication throughout the process to ensure that the final products meet the client’s expectations and the agreed-upon quality standards. Additionally, the vape OEM manufacturer must have a deep understanding of industry regulations and quality control to deliver compliant and safe products.

VPFIT- Leading vape factory who can provide OEM vapes

VPFIT- Leading vape factory who can provide OEM vapes

Cerate your OEM E-cigarette At VPFIT

Just find a trustworthy vape factory like VPFIT, ask them to produce the vapes accoding to your demand, and put your trademark on. VPFIT will help to create your own e-cigarette with OEM processes.

With 13+ years of professional manufacturing experience, VPFIT has mastered the entire production process and technical requirements of OEM Vape. In addition, during the past years, they have already served over hundreds of electronic cigarette brands and companies.

No matter you owns a new brand or a famous vape brand world wide, VPFIT is the trustworthy OEM e-cigarette manufacturer to you.


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