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Australia Vape Study: Over 20% of Minors Have Tried Vape Devices

Australia Vape Study - More Than 20% of Minors Have Tried Vape Devices

Australia Vape Study - More Than 20% of Minors Have Tried Vape Devices

On August 29, a study by the University of Sydney in Australia points out that the rate of vape use among adolescents in rural Australia has reached the same level as that in urban areas. In addition, new research published in the Medical Journal of Australia also show us some data. The research shows that more than a quarter of 14- to 17-year-olds have used vapes, with one in 10 having done so in the past 30 days.

According to the survey, 20 percent of the respondents had used vape devices(vape pens, vape pods, vape mods, vape tanks, etc) in the past year. And this proportion is basically the same between rural and urban areas.

The study is leading by Dr Lauren Gardner from the University of Sydney’s Matilda Center for Mental Health and Substance Use. She says the findings raised multiple concerns.

“We found that the average age of first use(vape pens, vape pods, vape mods, vape tanks, etc) was just 14 years old.”

Researchers survey 4,200 students at 70 schools in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. They want to find out about vaping among young people across Australia. The report data shows that students in rural areas used vapes to the same extent as young people in urban areas.

Megan Passey, a professor of rural health at the University of Australia, who are not participate in the study, says she is not surprised by the lack of rural-urban disparities.

Professor Passey explains:

“It doesn’t surprise me that vaping is also high in rural and remote areas, but it’s really concerning. We have to address this vaping problem urgently.”

Dr Gardner agrees that rural areas have more limited access and therefore higher rates of traditional cigarette use.

She said:

“Research often focuses on young people in major cities, but we need to ensure young people from regional and remote areas are represented too.”



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