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VUSE Disposable Vape in Korea doesn’t immediately win the market response

VUSE Disposable Vape in Korea Seems doesn't win market response

VUSE Disposable Vape in Korea Seems doesn't win market response

On July 24, British American Tobacco (BAT) Korea announced that it will launch the VUSE GO 800 pre-filled vape product in the Seoul metropolitan area. This is the first time that BAT launches this vape brand in South Korea.

However, in the early stage of release, this product does not win immediate response in the market.

Many vape stores in Seoul metropolitan has not carry the Vuse disposable vape.

After BAT Korea officially promoted the launch of the product, bloggers on the Korean vape forum posted their own experience. According to his buying experience, in the early days of the product launch, many stores in the Seoul metropolitan area does not yet carry the product.

Currently, VUSE GO 800 is pricing at 10,000 won in the Korean market. As a comparison, Steam Works 2.0ml, with the same e-liquid content costs 9,000 won.

VUSE GO 800 disposable vape

VUSE GO 800 disposable vape

In related comments, someone mentioned the structure of the Korean vape market. And they believe that under this condition, “Bubblemon vapes will once again occupy this market.”

In South Korean, vapes are mainly sold through offline channels, and among them, gas station convenience stores and tobacco stores are the main sales channels. BAT may gradually introduce this product to South Korea in the future.

It seems that VUSE GO 800 are using internet marketing ways to expand its popularity in South Korea.

In addition, through a search in a local browser in Korea, we can find that VUSE GO 800 seems to be using Internet marketing to expand the popularity of the product.

Well-known Korean vape KOLs such as WONDER VAPE have recently recommended VUSE GO 800 products.

VUSE GO 800 is a pre-filled disposable vape launched by British American Tobacco (BAT) in the South Korean market on July 24. When this vape launches in South Korea, BAT said that the launch of the VUSE series vape pen products took into account the high standards of product safety and quality of Korean adult smokers.

The VUSE is very successful in US market. Maybe with time goes on, it can also get popular in Sourth Korea vape market.