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FDA Issue MDO of Youme Suorin Vape And Fontem blu PLUS+ Vape
FDA Issue MDO of Youme Suorin Vape And Fontem blu PLUS+ Vape
January 24, 2024
Judge dismisses NJOY's lawsuit against multiple vape brands
Judge dismisses NJOY’s lawsuit against multiple vape brands
January 26, 2024

Impact of Dutch Flavor Vape Ban on Youth and Illigal Circuit

Impact of Dutch Flavor Vape Ban on Youth and Illigal Circuit

The Dutch government has ban the sale of flavored vapes from January 1st, 2024. Only tobacco-flavored vapes are still allowed.

The vape store Primera sells both rechargeable and disposable vapes. The ban on flavored vape has brought changes to the brand.

A Primera employee in Meppel explained, “We sell the new, permitted variants. These are vapes with tobacco flavor and neutral e-cigarettes, which are tasteless. We do notice that you serve a different target group with those flavors.”

Initiative of the “Smoke-free Generation”

Since August 2020, all schools and educational settings have been legally smoke-free. This is an initiative of the “Smoke-free Generation”, which hopes to make smoke-free growth a necessity.

But, with vape products becoming so popular today, how smoke-free is the new generation? Based on data provided by GGD, CBS and RIVM, independent concluded that the number of young vape users has increased significantly. In 2022, the number of vape users was 10 times higher than in 2020. This must change with the introduction of the fragrance ban.

Impact of the flavor vape ban

Trade association Esigbond says it is too early to talk about the impact of a ban on the sale of flavored vapes. According to the association, users have stockpiled some vapes or are looking for other ways to get them. They can still purchase flavor vapes from across borders, illegal online or offline stores that do not follow the ban.

Esigbond chairman Emil ‘t Hart says it remains to be seen whether e-smokers will also give tobacco flavors a chance. He says that as long as vape user can still smoke cigarettes they trust, they will do so.

“It is a matter of waiting to see what people think of the tobacco flavors and what the hoarders do when their supply runs out.” Hart says.

The association is not happy with banning flavor vapes because it considers vape as alternative for tobacco. And it is less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

According to the association, people are switching to or returning to tobacco as a result of the ban.

Besides, Finn Bork, co-owner of Stonedoos Hoogeveen, previously predicted in this transition.

He says, “Vapes with flavors end up in the criminal circuit. There is no age control at all. Interested parties will still be able to get hold of it across the border and online. There is also a chance that people will mix flavors themselves, which can have dangerous consequences.”

He also believes that legalization is a better solution. He emphasizes that shops can then strictly enforce age. Ensure that young people receive better information and check the age of young people who smoke and vape in public spaces.

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