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BAT Launches VUSE Vape Pens in South Korea

BAT Launches Vape Brand “VUSE” in South Korea

BAT Launches Vape Brand “VUSE” in South Korea

On July 24, according to Korea media, British American Tobacco (BAT) announced the launch of its vape brand VUSE vape pen in the South Korean market.

The VUSE GO 800 comes into South Korea market.

The vape launched in the Korean market this time is the “VUSE GO 800” model. It has the characteristics of built-in vape liquid and battery. The product will first be sold in limited quantities in Seoul and surrounding areas. What’s more, they plans to gradually expand the scope of sales to cover the whole country.

BAT said that the launch of the VUSE series vape pen products took into account the high standards of product safety and quality of Korean adult smokers. In addition, they also considered the diverse needs of less harmful than traditional cigarettes among the consumers.



Brife information about the VUSE GO 800 vape pen.

According to the information released by BAT, the vape liquid capacity of the “VUSE 800” model is 1.95ml (nicotine content 0.9%). In addition, the battery has a capacity of 515mAh and can draw up to 800 puffs on a single time charge. Therefore, it is also a rechargeable vape pen.

What’s more, the product offers four different flavors, namely Cold Fresh, Purple Breeze, Dolce Brown and Green Spark.

The vape brand VUSE has succeed in US market.

According to BAT’s own survey data, as of June 2023, its market share in the United States reached 46%. Thus making it the No. 1 vape brand in the United States this year.

BAT representative Kim Eun-ji (김은지) said:

“BAT Korea plays a very important role in the development of ‘A Better Tomorrow’. With this new product launch, Korean smokers will have more choices to reduce the risk of potential health hazards products.”

As a world top vape manufacturer in vaping field, VPFIT thinks that this is conducive to the development of the Korean vape market.