WARNING: This product contains nicotine, nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Only for audlts, anyone below the age of 21 is prohibited from buying e-cigarette.

Is nicotine toxic?
November 11, 2021
What Difference Between Electronic Cigarette And Vape
March 24, 2023

Is it safe to eat flavor?

Absolutely safe.

E-cigarettes are easy to carry and can be vaped in public. For example, where many places are not allowed to smoke in public, e-cigarettes can be ready at any time. There will be no soot or pungent smoke in the bedroom of the car, and there will be no dry vomiting or odor in the morning.

Rechargeable e-cigarettes, recharged about half an hour before bedtime every day, can be used basically for a day.If used more frequently, you may need to charge it twice a day. the product has its own charging cable and all Android phone charging cable can charge the product.