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October 17, 2023
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Reynolds Tobacco filed a “337 investigation”, involving 26 Vape Companies in China and US
October 19, 2023

UK Continue Crack Down Large Puff Vapes | Vape Manufacturer Impact

UK Continue Crack Down Large Puff Vapes - Vape Manufacturer Impact

UK Continue Crack Down Large Puff Vapes - Vape Manufacturer Impact

Recently, some vape logistics company reveals that the UK is contentiously to strictly inspecting imported large puff vapesVPFIT, the top vape manufacturer from Shenzhen, China is paying attention to this matter and will continue to report it.

UK Customs continues to strictly inspect large puffs vapes, and it has been going on for four months so far.

According to British law, only those disposable vapes with a capacity of 2ml e-liquid (about 600 puffs vape) are allowed to be sold on the market. Any vaping devices exceeding this limit is illegal. But large puffs vapes are still common in the UK market.

Since June, British Customs, in conjunction with the British Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), has been conducting strict inspections of large puffs vapes at airports. Once the products are detected, they are detained. As a result, many vape logistics companies are forced to stop business.

According to an insider who has been engaged in the British vape freight forwarding business for a long time, the strict investigation on large puffs vaping products lasted from June to October. The insider says, “That strict inspections of large puffs vape often happen. Generally, the high-pressure crackdown will relax for a few months. However, once someone reports, the high-pressure crackdown will continue.”


To the vape manufacturers from China: ensure that the vapes meet all the necessary regulatory requirements set by British Customs.

China vapes are the major importing source in UK vape market. To the vape manufacturers in China, we need to ensure that the vaping products you export to the UK is legal. Otherwise may get detained.

In addition, the vape manufacturers may need to adjust their product development strategies to align with the stricter inspections. They may need to focus on creating vape devices that comply with the specific regulations set by British Customs, such as restrictions on nicotine strength, packaging requirements, and quality standards.