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British Government Considering Restrict Flavor Vapes

British Government considers restricting vape flavors

British Government considers restricting vape flavors

British Health Secretary Steve Barclay says the government is considering how to reduce the appeal of flavor vapes to children. Especially those attracted by flavors such as bubble gum and brightly colored packaging. He says that as a father, he is concerned that his children would be exposed to vapes.

Barclays said it was particularly concerned about how vape devices could attract children with their bubblegum flavors and dessert-like appearance.

One in five children has now tried vaping devices, and vape use has tripled among children. He says the government had made it clear that targeting children through vapes is wrong.

Barclays’ comments came as he is launching a government consultation on the issue. Additionally, when asked whether vapes were to be turned into prescription drugs, he says they are looking at international best practices. If vapes becomes a prescription-only product, they feared it would reduce the number of adults switching to vaping products.

“We want to get the balance right, it’s something we’re doing across the UK, there’s actually broad support for taking action on vapes, but the same on disposable vapes, we just want to get the detail right.”

flavor vapes from the vape manufacturer

flavor vapes from the vape manufacturer

The eight-week consultation will seek views on how to get smokers to quit using vapes. Moreover, they will seek advice on how to make vaping products less attractive to under-18s.

Options under consideration include banning disposable vapes outright, limiting their sales. Or ensuring they cannot be sold in a look that might appeal to young people.

In addition, measures being considered by the government include introducing plainer packaging, banning cartoons and child-friendly images. Other measures include regulating whether stores can display vapes, and raising prices. When it comes to vape flavors, options considered include limiting the description to make it more general, such as no vape flavors like “blueberry muffin.”

Some experts, including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) and Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza, have called for an outright ban on disposable vapes. Accordignt to data published in May, it shows the proportion of children trying vaping rises 50% in the last year.

In addition, figures show that disposable vapes are the vaping choice among young people. They normally purchase vapes from corner shops.

Moreover, the UK-wide consultation will also examine whether new powers could be brought in for local authorities. So that they can issue on-the-spot fines for those selling vapes to people under age.

Vape manufacturer view about the flavor vapes.

VPFIT, the top vape manufacturer from China, would like to discuss about the flavor vapes and share some view about it.

Flavor vapes are available in a wide variety of flavors, ranging from traditional tobacco and menthol to fruity, dessert, beverage, and novelty flavors.

Flavor vapes are designed to provide an alternative to traditional tobacco smoking by offering a range of appealing flavors. These flavors can enhance the vaping experience and potentially make it more enjoyable for users.

Therefore, the original purpose of flavor vape is not attract young people in the vape manufacturer’s strategy.

Some vape retailers sell flavored vapes to minors for profit, which is illegal and unethical.

Therefore, the government should not only banning plainer packing. But also they should put out more strict regulations to restrict the vape retailers from selling flavor vapes to minors.

Vapes, and traditional cigarettes should all leave far away from the young people.