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UKVIA launches New Disposable Vapes Recycling Event

UKVIA launches New Disposable Vapes Recycling Event

UKVIA launches New Disposable Vapes Recycling Event

UKVIA launches vape Environmental Protection Week event to standardize disposable vapes recycling behavior.

Recently, the UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) announced the launch of “Sustainable vaping Week” in October and established an online information sharing platform.

UKVIA says the platform aims to allow vape users, vape manufacturer and retailers to “take action from now on and contribute to environmental protection”.

The vape industry is working to limit its environmental impact, such as more recycling of disposable vape products and the introduction of take-back schemes. However, there are around five million disposable vapes are discarded every week, according to a recent report from Material Focus.

A new information resource and week-long campaign will create a do’s and don’t dos list for disposable vapes recycling.

In addition, it will provide vapers with information on where to dispose of vapes in an environmentally friendly manner.

Therefore, the vape retailers and other venues, such as bars and clubs, can also download educational resources. Then they can educate their customers throughout the week and the year on the recycling of disposable vapes.

Moreover, the new resource library will also provide guidance to those vape manufacturers, importers, distributors and sales. So as to ensure that they always file legally when dealing with environmental regulations and always operate legally. This also ensures that they work closely and effectively with reputable waste management companies.

recycle your disposable vapes

recycle your disposable vapes

There have been calls for the banning of single-use vapes in part due to their environmental impact.

John Dunne, director general of the UKVIA, says in an interview:

“However, a ban is not the answer – firstly disposable vapes are proven to be hugely effective in getting smokers to switch from their habits to considerably less harmful vapes, due to their ease of use, convenience and low entry price points. They are the main reason why smoking is currently at record low levels across the UK. In addition, through the collective efforts of a range of stakeholders we can reverse the current impact on the environment arising from vapers throwing them away.”

“Sustainable vaping Week” activities will be launched on October 16 to coincide with International E-Waste Day on October 14. The UKVIA will provide all its members and the wider industry with a range of content to promote and share in-store and online (including across their communications channels) educating vapers. And making a difference in environmental protection, change their disposal behavior.

Vape Manufacturers opinions on this event.

VPFIT, the top vape manufacturer from China totally support this activity. Frankie Zhou, General Manager of VPFIT, comments that this activity will have significant benefits to both the vape industry, vape users and environment.

“In recent years, the vape manufacturers are putting more and more efforts on R&D recyclable vapes. Moreover, we are also try our best to follow the environmental production regulations in different countries and regions. The disposable vapes recycling needs both the vape manufacturer, vape distributor, vape users working together. So that we can do something to the environmental protection”