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Philip Morris Italy Presents the New Veev One Vape Pen

Philip Morris Italy presents the new Veev One Vape Pen

Philip Morris Italy presents the new Veev One Vape Pen

Philip Morris Italia presents the new Veev One vape pen. With the new device, Philip Morris expands its portfolio of combustion-free products. The aim of this new device is to ” meet the different needs of Italian consumers and eliminate traditional cigarettes in the shortest possible time “.

The Innovative Design of Veev One Vape Pen.

veev one vape pen

veev one vape pen

Compared to the previous version, Veev One vape pen has a new innovative design that makes it more compact and manageable.

In addition, it has a new compact ceramic heating technology capable. According to the vape manufacturer, the new ceramic heating technology can ensure a uniform vaping taste from start to finish. 

Moreover, this vape pen is also equipped with a system that detects the low amount of liquid to avoid overheating and prevent the vape burnt taste.

What’s more, the battery life also get increased comparing to the previous version. This guarantees an experience of using an entire pod with a single charge.

Additionally, as the e-liquid capacity increased to 2 ml, the vape pod can get greater heating power. Thus it allows up to 1000 puffs for a single cartridge.

“The latest version of the Veev family represents a further step in building a smoke-free future and is the logical expression of a company that has never stopped innovating and looking to the future. In Italy, as in the rest of the world, our goal remains to make traditional cigarettes a thing of the past, supporting non-stop smokers to switch to non-combustion alternatives.” Gianluca Iannelli, Head of Marketing & Digital at Philip Morris Italy comments that.

Philip Morris International keeps R&D in the past years.

According to data released, in 2022 Philip Morris International dedicated more than 99% of its investments to the R&D of combustion-free vaping products. What’s more, in the last 15 years it has totally invested over 10 billion dollars in production, marketing and continuous innovation of these products. By now, more than 900 scientists of 40 different nationalities and experts in about 30 scientific and engineering disciplines study the development of these products. The value of which corresponds to approximately 35.4% of PMI’s net revenues as of the second quarter 2023.

Retailers can order the Veev One at the official website of the vape pens or through Puff distributor. It is also possible to purchase the refill pods in tobacco, menthol and fruity flavours.