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March 21, 2023
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March 22, 2023

VEEBA blubar MagicGo seize disposable vape market

Recently, the UK vape market ushered in a number of new disposable vapes.

In the February, there were many major “incidents” in the UK vape market.For long time stable and best-selling vape brands such were reported to contain more than the legal standard nicotine content. Under the supervision of relevant departments, they are prohibited from being sold from stores. This has made to a new round of market competition.

After sorting out media news, JSBvape world view has seen three major brands start to seize the UK disposable vape market:

  1. On February 28th, PMI announced the launch of the disposable vape brand :VEEBA
    According to reports, the price of VEEBA is 4.99 pounds per piece.
  2. Imperial Tobacco recently announced the launch of a new brand of disposable vape, “blu bar.”.
    According to reports, blu bar has been sold in retail stores at a price of 5.99 pounds per piece, including six flavors
  3. RELX International will soon launch its own branded disposable vape product MagicGo in the UK.
    At the same time, RELX International will also launch a new disposable vape brand “WAKA” and another new disposable brand “WAKA soFit”.

The another Chinese brand VPFIT also is ready to UK market. 

The market is always changing rapidly. Can the elfbar that has been removed from the shelves return as the king, and can the powerful crystal bar be pride again. We’ll see.

UK largest retailer : VPZ group

VPFIT Featured products : Eniro dual coil vape pod