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2 China vape factories closed - industry downturn
2 China vape factories closed – industry downturn
March 20, 2023
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VEEBA blubar MagicGo seize disposable vape market
March 21, 2023

US Senator Calls Gor FDA Ban Elfbar

US Senator Calls Gor FDA Ban Elfbar

Elf bar as biggest vape brand in China. It has become famous all over the world day by day. Also establish the image of a national brand. But since from the beginning of 2023. Many problems are coming by uninterrupted. 

According to the New York Post, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer has called on the FDA to investigate a popular Chinese made vape and “prepare to ban it from the market.”. He believes that this type of vape product directly attracts children and teenagers through social media and is circumventing American advertising laws.

It is understood that Schumer currently belongs to the Democratic Party and is a senior federal senator from New York State. He is currently the majority leader of the Senate.

On March 19th, he issued a statement saying that ELFBAR attracts children with flavors suitable for them, such as rainbow candy, peach mango, cotton candy, and vanilla ice cream. And its packaging comes in various colors to attract young customers.

He also stated in the statement that although the FDA has done a lot to stifle vapes of brand such as JUUL, but vapes such as ELFBAR are still using flexible and illegal methods for marketing. He accused ELFBAR of conducting product marketing through commercial cooperation with online celebrities on social platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram.

“This tactic may circumvent the FDA’s advertising rules, and we must stay ahead of it,” Schumer said in a statement.

It is reported that in June 2022, the FDA issued a marketing ban on JUUL, which forced JUUL to remove its products from the shelves in the United States. Schumer says ElFBAR could be worse than JUUL. Given its “poor manufacturing process, the risk of counterfeit products, and the risk of mislabeling nicotine content.”.

He added in the statement that federal regulators must use their “full authority and authority to investigate and take action against ELFBAR, and be prepared to ban it from the market.”

So far, we have not obtained anything of consequence. In the New York Post’s Twitter comment area on this news, many netizens expressed opposition to Schumer’s comment. Schumer’s comment is radical views. Can Elfbar successfully survive crisis? We are focusing on it.

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