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Chinese Academy Of Sciences Report Nicotine Can Resist Aging

Recently, a piece of People’s Daily about “The Chinese Academy of Sciences said that nicotine has an “amazing” anti-aging effect, and whether electronic cigarettes can prevent aging? ” Has attracted widespread attention and reprinted in China.

More in-depth progress has been made in the research of nicotine and electronic cigarettes in various countries. On the one hand, the Li Xiang team of the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has revealed the mechanism of nicotine in improving metabolism and delaying aging through experiments, providing a new technical direction for nicotine to expand its application and anti-aging.

The mechanism of nicotine action is an important research in the field of life science and public health. The Li Xiang team of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has studied nicotine for a long time. Recently, Li Xiang’s team published an article entitled “Nicotine rebalances NAD+homeostasis and improve aging-related symptoms in male mice by enhancing NAMPT activity” online in Nature Communications magazine, revealing the latest findings of researchers on the mechanism of nicotine action.

Li Xiang’s team found that chronic low-dose nicotine can improve energy metabolism and delay systemic aging by activating NAD+remedy pathway. This view has been confirmed in mouse experiments. Researchers observed and tested the cells of mice drinking low-dose nicotine water for a long time, and found that nicotine has a positive effect on neuroprotection, and can promote the interaction of two proteases in cells, reduce the level of aging factors, enhance the activity of NAD+, and improve the metabolic rate of aging tissues. In addition, researchers also found that nicotine can alleviate the anxiety of mice and improve their learning and memory functions after being decomposed in the liver of mice.

This study by the Chinese team provides new targets and methods for expanding the application of nicotine and anti-aging, and also confirms once again that nicotine is not a panacea. A moderate amount of nicotine still has a positive effect on the body. At present, nicotine widely exists in tobacco, and electronic cigarette is a new form of nicotine intake.

This experiment and research results fully provide the impact of e-cigarette on embryonic development. Researchers suggest that pregnant women with nicotine addiction should take relevant tobacco control, which can provide e-cigarette as a safer nicotine substitute.