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How To Quit Smoking | Are E Cigarette And Vape Trick?

How To Quit Smoking - vapes of top vape factory VPFIT

How To Quit Smoking - vapes of top vape factory VPFIT

According to the thesis published in Nature Medicine, the four main researchers collected evidence that vapes can be used as smoking cessation tools.

Neal Benowitz, Ann McNeill, Nancy Rigotti and Kenneth Warner are the authors of the thesis. The article said that vapes are more effective than nicotine therapy.

It contains an important part, which details the support of the British and New Zealand governments for vapes.

This is reasonable, because the vape device releases nicotine much faster than the patch or gum, and imitates the pleasant smoking habit. Now, according to the data of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smokers are more likely to use vapes in smoking cessation attempts than any other products (including smoking cessation drugs).

This is happening, even though there are many false messages and garbage science about vapes – and crazy attacks from organizations such as the Tobacco Free Children’s Movement, the Truth Initiative and parents opposed to use vapes.

This thesis contains an important part, which details the high-level support of the British and New Zealand governments for vape. These two countries are light years ahead of the United States in advocating the use of vape product and paying attention to vulnerable groups with the highest smoking rate (such as homeless people, people with mental health diagnosis and indigenous people).

In the government-sponsored smoking cessation campaign, both countries enthusiastically recommended the use of vape device, and recommended that medical care providers recommend patients try to use vapes. Some mental health hospitals in the UK and New Zealand have vaping stores, which make the transition from smoking to vaping simple and convenient.

On the other hand, most health care providers in the United States are strongly opposed to tobacco hazard reduction (THR). They mistakenly believed that although FDA approved several e-cigarettes suitable for protecting public health, there was not enough evidence that e-cigarettes could help people quit smoking. Many people also don’t think that e cigarettes are much safer than cigarettes.

The thesis includes a table containing a guide for health care professionals to help people quit smoking – a valuable resource. Research shows that it is incredible that 80% of American doctors believe that nicotine directly causes cancer.

If the four authors call for action and stress that they do not support the fatal consequences of evidence-based e-smoking interventions, the comments will be even stronger. Instead, they asked for more consideration of the potential of vaping in promoting smoking cessation.

In the United States, nearly half a million people die from smoking-related diseases every year. This is an epidemic. No one talks about it anymore. Evidence already exists that healthcare providers can play a key role in helping patients quit smoking. If they do not recommend vapes, it should be considered as dereliction of duty.

The thesis should also make people understand that obtaining safer nicotine products is related to the right to health.

The author wrote that e cigarettes are not the panacea to end the damage caused by smoking, but they can contribute to the realization of this noble public health goal. This greatly underestimates how e cigarettes can prevent so many pain related to smoking, has reversed the harm of smoking, and saved millions of lives around the world by making people quit smoking.

Vaping device – along with other THR options, such as oral snuff and heated tobacco products – is the closest thing we have to a panacea. Our top priority is to give them to smokers.