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Vaping weekly publication – vape news all over the world

Vaping weekly publication - vape news

By JSBvape world view:

1. Shenzhen official department seized an illegal electronic cigarette case with a value of 376 million yuan. In the Shenzhen Bao’an “February 03” case, the tobacco department destroyed seven hideouts of production, storage and sales of four enterprises involved in the case, and seized 7,312,000 illegally produced pods, 2700 cigarette kits, 374900 disposable vape pens and 513 kilograms of eliquid, involving multiple specifications of illegal fruit-flavored vape pods, “milk tea cup” and “coke bottle”, with a physical case value of more than 66 million RMB, The total value of the case is as high as 376 million RMB.

2. According to the Xinhua News Agency, state tobacco monopoly administration cracked down heavily on illegal electronic cigarettes on February 9. The Xinhua News Agency reported that the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration recently carried out the rectification work of flavoring electronic cigarettes such as “milk tea cups” and “cola bottles”, and found 593 cases of various types, 188 people were investigated for criminal responsibility, and 723,800 pieces of “milk tea cups” and “cola cans” of various types, with a total amount of 507 million RMB. It is reported that in the past four months, the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration has dispatched 226,900 law enforcement inspectors and inspected 121,500 sales outlets on the spot, and has made remarkable achievements in cracking down on such illegal crimes in accordance with the law.

3. A bill “Ten Minute Rule Bill” was proposed by British legislator Caroline Johnson on February 8. She claimed that by banning the sale of disposable vape pens, vape pens could be used as a smoking cessation aid in a more sustainable way, and the opportunities for children to use electronic cigarettes could be reduced, so as to prevent the prevalence of adolescent nicotine addicts and protect the earth’s environment. This bill will be considered by members of the Congress again on March 24.

4.Recently, international tobacco giant Philip Morris International announced its fourth quarter and full year results in 2022. The report shows that the net income from smoke-free products accounted for 36% of the company’s total net income in the fourth quarter. The total number of IQOS users is estimated to be 24.9 million, of which about 17.8 million have switched to IQOS and quit smoking.

5. On February 9, British American Tobacco (BAT) released its 2022 full-year results. In 2022, BAT’s total revenue reached 27.7 billion pounds, up 7.7% year on year, and the adjusted operating profit was 12.4 billion pounds. Among them, electronic cigarettes, heated tobacco and nicotine bags and other new tobacco products contributed 2.9 billion pounds to the company’s revenue, up 40.9%.

6. On February 8, 2023, the German Federal Statistics Bureau released the data of nicotine product stamp tax. In 2022, the German government levied a total of 42.6 million euros on 226,000 liters of e-liquid. It is reported that Germany began to tax e-liquid from July 2022, with a tax rate of 0.16 euros per milliliter. It is estimated that by 2026, the e-cigarette tax will bring a cumulative revenue of 1 billion euros to the German Ministry of Finance.

7. The Italian Minister of Health, Olazio Skilach, announced in the hearing of the Social Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives and the Senate that he plans to include electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products in the scope of the current anti-smoking order, and expand the scope of anti-smoking places to outdoor places where minors and pregnant women are present.

8. The Russian customs seized 160000 smuggled e-cigarets. Recently, in Belgrade, Russia, a batch of 160000 e-cigarets worth 38 million rubles (about 3.567 million yuan) were confiscated by the customs. These illegally smuggled e-cigarettes all come from China. Oleg Lapin, deputy director of Belgrade Customs, said that the nicotine content of these illegal electronic cigarettes exceeded 20 mg/ml, which violated the country’s laws and regulations.