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US Vermont Legislator Reintroduces The Ban Of Flavor Vaping Products

JSBvape world view news,On February 6, according to foreign reports, a bill in Vermont, the United States, is gaining attentions those days. The bill will prohibit all flavoring vaping and other tobacco products..
According to NBC5 news, the sponsor of the legislation said that the bill was aimed at curbing the surge in nicotine use among teenagers and improving the health for all Vermont people.

“The disease consequences are enormous. We know that cardiovascular disease, lung disease, various cancers, emphysema and other pre-cancer chronic diseases,” said Senator Virginia Lyons, the main sponsor of the bill.
The legislator also acknowledged that although the state may suffer from the loss of tobacco tax revenue, Vermont spends an average of $348 million annually to treat tobacco-induced diseases, which can be compensated by health care savings.

NBC5 received the statement about the potential ban from the spokesman of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco as following.
“Reynolds is committing to reduce tobacco hazards (THR), and we believe that our potential low-risk product portfolio can play a key role in its delivery process. We are firmly believe that there are more effective ways to reduce tobacco hazards than banning the use of menthol in cigarettes. Evidence from other markets that implement similar bans shows that it has little impact on overall cigarette consumption.”

Several northeastern states have or are considering banning the use of essence. Connecticut also proposed a bill prohibiting the flavor vaping device. New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island have banned the sale of flavor vape pens and pod device. Massachusetts prohibits all flavor tobacco products, including flavor cigars, cigarettes and electronic cigarette products.
The ban in Vermont was initially put forward in early 2020 as a way to prevent teenagers from using it, but it was shelved after the Covid-19 pandemic began to affect the country.

For more trend of the ban ,jsbvape world view will keep notice on it and report to public when any news in future.