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November 11, 2021
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November 17, 2021

VIDA–Brand new design, 100% restore to the e-liquid flavours

vida new releases

To restore the flavor of E-liquid, we generally need pick a satisfied vaporizer from various brands.

But now, I believe that you will have a excellent choice from us now. New release “VIDA” as a new member of VPFIT arrives. 100% restore to the flavours due to its special coil design–Mesh coil heating + Organic cotton oil transmission, make it heat uniformly and bigger vapor, better taste.

600mAh 2.0ml refillable vape pod device vida

Child-resistance Closure–Compared with other vape pens on the market, we optimize the solution to filling. Which will effectively prevent children from opening in mistake.

CRC design

Clearly to see the e-liquid– protect the coil from burning and warmly to remind to refill.


Smooth line design– Portable, amazing touch feeling , 600mAh battery capacity.

VIDA brings you amazing vapor feeling at a competitive price. and moreover,  VIDA can be rechargeable  and refillable. you can keep reusability of vida for long time.